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2015 ATC

February 26th, 27th and 28th 2015




January 28th
New Gamakatsu Carp Hooks !…
January 28th
im looking to buy 3 windcast reels or 3 crosscast reels. ive used the windcast z before and love them i would like to buy some like them(z or x) or similar(crosscast s or x) please pm with price and condition of reels.   thank you in advance cristian
January 27th
Looking for two Daiwa Emcast 6000 Plus reels for a reasonable price.   Thanks!
January 26th
We do not ship Rod Hutchinson & Dynamite Baits to USA, if ordered in error we will contact you by email to cancel order or adjust order eliminating these products. **Oversize box flat rate charge, limited time offer All the Best Simon
January 24th
CarpQuest is never over !    The release date for Season 3 of CarpQuest on YouTube is set for Spring 2015. Here is a teaser for you, to get your carp juices flowing ...   The new title teaser trailer has been re-edited and produced in full …
January 23rd
Usually I'm a fan of mono but I bought an extra set of spools for my reels and plan on loading them with braid. I've never used braid for carp fishing so I'm curious what brand and size everyone uses. Thanks for any feedback
January 23rd
It was billed as a simple work day at the Hooch Boat Ramp. We were going to do some raking, chunk out some grass seed and straw and sit and fish a while when done. No biggy and no expectations. Well that all changed the moment Max, Cool Dad and the Ol Cap…
January 22nd
Just wondering if anybody has any tips regarding rod guide replacement.  Tomorrow , i plan to stop at Bass Pro Shop and pick up a replacement lower rod guide kit.  Im assuming they sell guides, epoxy and thread.  Ive never at…
January 22nd
I'm looking for some 9fters I have two bfs but I guess he quit selling them I would like to have three 9fters any one have suggestions on what to buy or maybe someone is selling something let me know thanks
January 21st
This is a repost from several years back.  Ran across it tonight and figured I'd post it up. *************************************************************************************************************** Reflecting back....  As a young boy of 8…
January 21st
Going through some old pics and documents tonight, I ran across this.  The front and back covers for what I believe was the first "color" hard copy of the NACA, after we had graduated from the newsletter.  As members we were very proud to show i…
January 21st
I had to return my new scale, because it came in the mail broken. So I'm trying to calculate the weight of the carp I caught today with the length and girth measurements I recorded.   Do we have carp calculator here on the site somewhere, or a real …
January 21st
We will be having a combination Work/Carpin day at the Hooch Ramp tomorrow (Thursday) beginning around 9:30AM. Ive picked up 50 lbs of Rye grass seed and three of bales of wheat straw this afternoon for the project. Hopefully we can make some improvement…
January 21st
Book is in very good condition- 236 pages.   $20 plus shipping Attached Thumbnails
January 20th
Thanks to our US & Canadian customers in getting the new year away to a great start. Yet again the exchange rate drops, $1 USD buys you approx. $1.21 CAN Plenty to come before the spring and some fantastic shipping rates across the continent  wil…