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December 22nd
The other day. I had a nice day fishing and caught 9 carp. With me being just a beginer still, this just adds up to me totalling 18 carp ever caught.   With all of these fish I have caught, I have played each one averaging about 15 minutes a catch. I…
December 22nd
Okay so I'm new to this shore fishing. Normally I'll take my kayak with ff/gps and just fish. Everything in the water is laid out for me on a 5" screen. If I Mark a pod of fish or structure I can put a pin on the exact spot with the GPS. The last couple o…
December 21st
I finally got two videos uploaded of Adam getting some cold carp yesterday.!
December 20th
Fished the park with Skammer from 8:45am-4:15pm. Caught two carp one at 10lb3oz and the other at 17lb14oz. Water temp was 39 degrees and the fish still fought hard. Both caught on White Chocolate Popups. Not sure when I'm getting back out. Attached Thum…
December 19th
I acquired a new action camcorder & knew where RebelCarp was fishing so I paid him a visit to try out the new cam. Tenps were in the low 30's & a breeze blowing. I stayed with him for a few hrs but there was no action.Here's a short vid of him bai…
December 18th
Just asking what everyones go-to choice is for their everyday carping. Are you more of a Pva user, Method user, or feel free to list whatever your most used and favorite setup is for your fishing even if it's just your hookbait. If you feel like sharing w…
December 18th
    History was made today as the Ol Captain and the Crew returned to the Hooch for the Holidays. It has been quite a while since we gathered under the Sycamores and it was great to be home once again! While others had Sugar Plums dancing in the…
December 18th
For sale...Shimano XTA Big Baitrunner Long Cast (Medium), used maybe ten times, with box and paperwork etc, fully loaded with 15lb Korda subline, $200.00 shipped, PayPal only.
December 17th
I have 2 of the Gil Huxley 13' 3.5tc rods, but would like to add a third to complete the set.  Anyone have one they are looking to get rid of?  Let me know.  Thanks.
December 17th
Fished a 6 hour session today after work. Air temperature was in the 40s and the water temperature was in the mid 30s. Ended getting a drop back which ended up being a 11lb4oz common. I'm extremely happy with getting some gold on these winter like days. C…
December 17th
109.95 each new. Ill let them go for $150 shipped. Only used a few times.
December 17th
  If I can persuade “you know who” to get out of his fancy new “you know what” long enough to get back in business we just might try once again to catch the ever elusive Christmas Carp.       As I shared earlie…
December 17th
Hell I have 4 Windcast Z 5500's for sale. 3 have been lightly used and are spooled with 50lb power pro. 1 is brand new and has never been used. Come with spare spools, boxes and paperwork. Asking $700 plus shipping PayPal gifted. Thanks
December 15th
Hey all,   I just received some tubing I wanted to try out on the mainline above my lead. I notice alot of people use these to further prevent tangles, but for the "Most Part" I wanted to protect the the carp from having it's scales cut off and from …
December 14th
Anyone know where I can get fishing rod bags - the cloth ones that usually come when you buy a rod? None of the main carp tackle dealers list them and I don't really want the actual bag they have to save on weight.   Thank you!