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Greetings from the great State Of Georgia!!

Hello to all carp fishermen (and women) in GA, and to anyone interested in learning more about the great sport of carp fishing!


My name is Barry Shildneck, and I was just approved by the BOD of our fine organization to serve as the Chairman for Georgia.  I consider that as an honor, a responsibility, and a privilege, and hope that you -- everyone in GA who fishes for carp -- will help me fulfill that responsibility through your encouragement AND by sharing your ideas.  Please feel free to contact me by PM or by e-mail ( bshildn@yahoo.com ).  I thank each of you in advance for your support!


I also want to thank Horace Lafavor, our previous State Chairman, who gave up the position to spend more time with his grandsons, and still manage to fit in some fishing time. Horace did an outstanding job, which leaves me with some very large (literally and figuratively) shoes to fill.  But I couldn't just sit by and leave the position vacant, so I volunteered my services -- at least until someone else is willing to step forward.


I retired last fall at age 67 following a career as a computer systems analyst.  Although I have fished for carp for 55 years, and thought I was a pretty decent carp fisherman, I did not realize how little I really knew about the sport until I joined CAG 5 years ago.  It was only after I met a number of other carp anglers (some members of CAG, and some not), and read and read and read many of the excellent threads in the Forum, that my carping education really started to grow.


My hope as "State Chair" is that, in some way I can help all or some of you with your enjoyment of the sport of angling for carp.  And I also hope that you will help me do my job by promoting both the sport and CAG to anyone willing to listen.






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