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The Austin Team Championships (ATC)

One of CAG's biggest events, and responsible for many traveling anglers' personal best carp, the ATC has been going for 10 years.

About the ATC

Like many cities, Austin TX, has fair sized river flowing right through it, with a beautiful park for joggers, cyclists, and anglers to enjoy. It’s really a perfect place for carp fishing, with lots of room, friendly people and beautiful scenery. That’s what David Moore and Brian Nordberg, both former CAG presidents thought several years ago. But at the time there was very little information about what the carp fishing in Town Lake(Now Lady Bird Lake) was like. Pioneering new water is one of the great things about carp fishing in the USA, so David and Brian Gave it a shot. The result was many huge fish right off the bat, several breaking the Texas State Record! Rather than keep this venue a secret, the pair shared what they had found with the rest of CAG and the Austin Team Championships was born!

The ATC is a team-based tournament that lasts two days. The competitors fish a new peg each day, so there is a peg draw each morning. This tournament has been responsible for many 30+ lb fish, several 40’s and countless personal bests by the competitors. There have also been captures of Smallmouth Buffalo exceeding 60 lbs!

In 2007, as a result of the attention that Carpers had been giving the lake, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recognized that this was a special lake and in 2008 they began to manage it as The First Trophy Carp Fishery in Texas.

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