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  1. CCC 2017 Results

    WTG to everyone involved, congrats to the winners and a very big thanks to Barry in organizing the CCC
  2. Throw back pic 06!

    can't believe it's been 11 years.......what a weekend !!!! would do it again in a heartbeat
  3. Done......if I fish !!!! lol
  4. Most unusual catch ever!!!!-

    Mitsubishi hubcap at the Tidal Basin in DC is my most unusual catch and by the lips
  5. Carp King

    I wanted to bring it to New Joysey but can't fish it Anyway will see you some of you Friday night
  6. CAG BIG 4 SPRING 2017

  7. Another great day at the lake

    Awesome !!
  8. Great day at Lake

    Niiiiiiiiiiice !!
  9. RI Fish-in Summary

    Very good job !!
  10. Carping In Nj

    Richard We had a fish in over there like 7, 8 years ago....it's a very nice place but it fished very slow only one fish was caught and we were like 15 fisherman, does not mean that it is still the same
  11. Sponsors and Support

  12. A Huge THANK YOU to Frank