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  1. Thank you Frank for report and hosting. very good time like always.
  2. HI guys. See you all soon there but this time without my son Jakub. his soccer schedule got changed and he got very important game today. next time.
  3. Hi Frank> you can Add Marcin And Jakub Szydlowski. thank you
  4. fishfasol1

    WI CAG Fish-In: Two Rivers, Sunday August 28th

    thank you Lee. we will be there Sunday. see you soon.
  5. fishfasol1

    WI CAG Fish-In: Two Rivers, Sunday August 28th

    Hi Lee. If possible I will fish too. My son wants to participate also. Let me know. Thank you.
  6. fishfasol1

    2016 Kewaunne River WI CCC

    on my way from Alabama. driving straight to Kewaunee> just registered myself>
  7. fishfasol1

    The 2015 Midwest Regional "Trilogy" May 2nd & 3rd

    there is only 4 of us, but we will be there and we will fight strong !!!
  8. fishfasol1

    2015 Midwest Regional Hotel Discount

    got it! see you soon!
  9. fishfasol1

    The 2014 Midwest Regional "Rematch" May 3rd & 4th

    Daniel!!! Ask Tom Falaszewski what he can do when he is drunk??? Good time Frank at Winter Leagues! See you soon Guys!
  10. fishfasol1

    For the out of towners...

    Im in! Thank You for the offer!
  11. fishfasol1

    2013 in Pictures !

    Very impressive Ivelin! Nice pictures! Beautiful mirrors! Fish "Hate" boilies for sure! 2014 ahead! Cant wait to see some more boilies lovers giants!
  12. fishfasol1


    done Grea!t work well! good job Willem!
  13. fishfasol1

    The 2014 ATC----What's Different?

    Hi guys. Just registered! I was going thru all the post and... I think the idea of two section and format Big 4 or Big 5 will be the best! you can end up both days on bad section, but manage to catch one or two fish each day and still had good chance to even win the tournament! You just need to catch 4 or 5 fish. Even if you didn't catch anything first day you still got good chance to have a limit second day and Vice versa! Just My opinion! Cant wait to fish again There! See you soon!