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  1. Volker

    Cool looking mirror

    Keep chumming- that guy looks hungry Cool fish anyway. Congrats.
  2. Volker

    First US-Mexican event

    And I always thought Guns don't kill people. Chuck Norris kills People.
  3. Volker

    First US-Mexican event

    Ever got into a situation where you guys needed the hardware? I am fishing here alone without and feel safe enough... Well be it as it is... For the ones who come over this will have to be a bait exchange program. On the US side we'll have to fish US Bait and over here with the Mexican stuff
  4. Volker

    First US-Mexican event

    Hmmm I never had any problems. From my experience it's mainly the US side making a big fuzz about coming in and not the other way round
  5. Volker

    First US-Mexican event

    Wetback is the magical word. As Mario said it's only 700 yards at the narrowest point
  6. Volker

    First US-Mexican event

    We will definetly have to look into that! Late November will probably work better for me than early December.
  7. Volker

    First US-Mexican event

    Hmmm, officially I will be back in Germany by then if everything goes fine (workwise). Maybe I have to plan some problems with our systems to happen just before the event so they send me back to fix it @Mario it seems you urinated someone off here BTW Results 0 - 25 of about 290. Search took 0.0075 seconds for the word in question. And that family friendly comment from someone who has the Welsh national sport as intrest in his profile *MUAHAHAHAHA*
  8. Volker


    @All- Thanks again for the welcome @Neil- thanks, looking forward to get it. @Mario- you bet I will! @Gefilta- Halb Schwabe, halb Hesse - sorry to hear that (how's your German?) @Miguel- Tall? Well here in Mexico- CHECK, Blue Eyes? Can't deny that- CHECK, Blonde? Nope
  9. Volker

    Smallest carp

    Should have- would have been less messy and stinky, I tell you
  10. Volker

    Smallest carp

    Had that for a while- until I was away for a long summerweekend (hot) to catch their grandmas and the pump failed S**t happens. *edit: spelling*
  11. Volker

    Is this feasible for building a swim?

    *offtopic (slightly)* STOP wearing those rainbow colored T-shirts *offtopic end* One doesn't generally preclude the other! Are u the only one feeding the ducks. I have caught some nice fish (up to 35 pounds) on white bread on free line in ponds where parents took their kids to feed the ducks Any special reason why there aren't any catches registered along the reeds? Have you tried there? Judging from the picture- which is always a bit hard- I would fish were you marked 'Channel'. One rod close to the reed, one in the channel. Good luck- and always cover your back Volker
  12. Volker


    Thanks for the welcomes!
  13. Volker

    Going for the Gold!!!

    Oh say can you see... Congrats on Gold ...forget it you won't get a winners kiss from me!
  14. Volker

    looking for spod rod

    What the heck to you need a spot rod in the first place? Doesn't serve you for anything but spotting. I'd rather use a heavy spin or feeder rod. At least you can fish with those aswell! IMHO waste of money ! But well as it looks good on the pod with the matching carprods... Happy hunting Volker
  15. Volker

    Truly ugly carp gallery

    How about that one. No there are no Buffalos in Germany- it's supposed to be common