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  1. Justin

    New venue, caught a few

  2. Justin

    SC winter fishing. New PB!

    Awesome!! Congrats on the fish!!
  3. Justin

    Possum and Dunkel Trash Canning It

    Awesome Possum!! Nice job on the catches!! Gotta love that coconut butternut!
  4. Justin

    We have a Sycamore Standard!

  5. Justin

    Carp Shark 2015 Debut!

    Can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for you fellas .. Always enjoy reading the adventures .. Best of luck this season!
  6. Justin

    What fish grow over 22 lb.?

    Tiger Musky Not far from 22 pounds is the Bowfin ... World record is 21 pounds 8 ounces out of South Carolina.
  7. Justin

    Spring maize mix

    Never used it myself .. but I have read alot about black pepper oil being a outstanding cold water attractor/flavor .. A couple drops goes a long way. Good luck!
  8. Justin

    A Hooch ProGRASS Report

    Great report! Before ya know it you'll have to break out the lawnmower or weedeater! I'm sure Max will be happy to roll around in the fresh grass ... Hope you guys are doing good!
  9. Justin

    Carp Juice

    Can't go wrong with Banana Nut or Peach! .. Never tried the Grape Ape or Red Grape ... Have had good luck with the Concord Grape with smallmouth buffalo .. Might wanna add Watermelon Crawl to the list and Maple Walnut and like Rob said the Bogger Juice is excellent .. Good luck!
  10. Justin

    Swimmers in the swim

    I have a similar spot I fish that is just like this it gets frustrating to say the least .. I've found early morning (5 a.m. till around 9 a.m.) seems to be the best .. tight lines
  11. Justin

    After Dinner Commons On The Float

    Sounds like a good time!
  12. Justin

    Possum back at The Trash Cans

    Very nice! Love that last picture
  13. Justin

    Recent disappointments at the grocery store

    No problem! Sent ya a message about Kix cereal as a pickup,if need be....
  14. Justin

    Recent disappointments at the grocery store

    http://consumer.arrowheadmills.com/store-locator/index.html Here is a link to a store locator for the Puffs ..Hopefully someone else sells them in your area! Hope this helps!