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  1. We are aiming to hold a fish-in for CAG members on Saturday Nov 11th at Harbor Park, Middletown. Details to follow but please let me know who is interested. If there are spaces available then we'll open it up to non members.
  2. Link to Leaderboard

    This link works http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/2017fallbig4/ But the link you posted above does not work for me either... It says: There are no added results yet.
  3. Link to Leaderboard

    I just checked (desktop pc) and it worked fine for me. Are you loading from a mobile device?
  4. I'm delighted to announce that the CAG BOD has voted to create this new director position and that Phil Nathan has been accepted to take on this critical position. CAG Events Director A) Responsible for organizing and coordinating key annual CAG & other related events B ) Will ensure key people, as needed, are available to run such events and will monitor their progress and outcomes. C) Shall ensure such events are added to the CAG calendar in good time, well promoted & supported, prizes & trophies available, provided updates on outcomes featured via the CAG Forum, social and other forms of media.
  5. Like any body of water it is all about location. I would spend some time looking for signs of fish (early morning or evening is best) before even taking the rods out. Check out likely areas where there are river or stream inlets or outlets, bays or areas with structure. Wind and sub surface currents will play a major factor. A windward shore may reap rewards as it usually brings food and warmer water. The more you break it down into smaller segments the less overwhelming it will seem and the more you will see the opportunities.
  6. This was announced as part of the CAG Plenary Meeting minutes back in 2016 and posted by Jerome on the Public Announcements. The 2016 Champion of the Queen was awarded to Jo Ann Roberts for her extraordinary decade of work with young carp anglers at the St Lawrence Junior Tournament. She is the first woman (and first of many we hope) to win our most prestigious CAG award. Here she is with president Bob Giordano. Here is the Press Release: CARP ANGLERS GROUP NAMES FIRST WOMAN “CHAMPION OF THE QUEEN” CANTON — For the first time in its 23-year history, the national Carp Anglers Group (CAG) has given its highest award to a woman: Jo Ann Roberts of the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce. Roberts was selected for CAG’s 2016 “Champion of the Queen” honor because she has been a champion of the annual St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament for nearly 10 years. Since joining the County Chamber in 2007 as its events coordinator, she has been the primary force behind the local carp tournament for boys and girls. “Jo Ann is very deserving of this award,” CAG President and local carp angler Bob Giordano said. “She has been dedicated to the Junior Carp Tournament, the biggest contest in the country for young carp anglers, and a great promoter of catch-and-release carp angling on the St. Lawrence River, one of North America’s premier carp fisheries.” Giordano said that the vote for this year’s Champion of Queen award was announced at CAG’s annual meeting, shortly before the Junior Carp Tournament in August. “We had multiple nominations” he said. “Jo Ann was the unanimous choice.” The award is named for the carp’s worldwide status as “queen of the river.” Roberts was surprised with the honor at the closing ceremonies for the 2016 Junior Carp Tournament. She planned those closing ceremonies, as she has done for several years now. From registering participants to lining up sponsors to ordering participant t-shirts, Roberts has been responsible for coordinating all aspects of the annual tournament. Local CAG members have been integral volunteers with the tournament, and in 2015 CAG officially partnered with the County Chamber to manage the event and promote it to their members and beyond. “It’s always been one of my favorite events,” Roberts said. “The tournament gets families and kids out from behind computers and into the great outdoors along the St. Lawrence. It’s wonderful to see kids forming friendships, and learning to appreciate the fish and the river.” The tournament is open to boys and girls ages 11 to 18, and Roberts has met and followed young anglers and their families over the years. “I’ve known many of them from the first year they fished until they ‘age out’ at 18,” she said. “It is so rewarding to see these kids grow up. I love it.”
  7. Champion of the Queen – 2017 This year’s recipient is Dave Pickering. Dave has exemplified the Objectives of CAG in every way. As the State Chair for Rhode Island for the past 10 years Dave has demonstrated exactly what it takes to grow membership, run fish-in’s and perhaps most importantly teach people about the joy of carp fishing. He gives talks at sportsman’s shows, is a renowned freelance writer and member of the New England Outdoors Writer’s Association (NEOWA) and has also appeared with On The Water TV. Dave is also the CAG Secretary and as an active CAG director has given countless hours of this time to supporting the organization & its obejctives. As an angler Dave has captured some remarkable sized carp over the past 25 year and since retirement averages 1000 a year (including 1300 carp in 2015!) As an all around angler Dave also manages to fish for a wide range of species in both fresh and saltwater. You can follow Dave on his blog: http://ricarpfishing.blogspot.com/ Dave with a 36lb common from Rhode Island On The Water TV http://www.onthewater.com/video/water-tv-blackstone-river-valley-monster-mirror-carp/
  8. CAG Big 4 Rules - Fall 2017

    Right click on your high resolution photo & try emailing the photo to yourself. It should ask you what size image you want to send. (You don't even need to actually send just save the photo attachment that pops up in the body of the email.)
  9. CCC 2017 Results

    The 2017 CCC took place on the Hudson River, NY this past weekend Sept 23rd. Fish were caught in all three sections, 122 carp reported on scoresheets, with a total of 1425 lbs of carp weighed. Prizes were awarded as follows: First Fish: Mike Dragone (landed at 8:15am) Big Fish (Carp King): Val Grimley 24lb 9oz Big 4 (North American Carp Champion): Val Grimley 75lb 3oz Total Weight: Jerome Moisand 199lb 3oz Section Winners: A: Mark Reece 73lb 6oz B: Mike Dragone 74lb 7oz C: Val Grimley (see above) D: we had no section D, so we decided to give the award to Terry McGaw for his Big4 result of 70lb 1oz (4th place, and total weight of 190lb, 2nd place). Only 4 anglers blanked... myself included A huge thank you to Barry Howard who organised and ran the event (he even donated several prizes & baited the swims with over 300lbs of maize). Thank you to all the competitors especially those who traveled hundreds of miles to take part. Thank you to Deeper for donating the Deeper Pro + sonar & fish finder. Thank you to the Pegasus restaurant and their staff for hosting the Prize Giving & Feeding us so well! We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 CCC event!
  10. A quick introduction and my PB carp

    Welcome on board and great to have some more scientifically qualified folk!
  11. CCC 2017 Results

    Hopefully it will never get that bad...
  12. CCC'2014: anybody from New England?

    Your memory is going... I caught the first fish, lost another then nothing else.
  13. CCC 2017 Results

    Apologies... I was trying to work from our Treasurers spreadsheet and a fading memory that was struggling with the overwhelming shame of a blank.
  14. CCC'2014: anybody from New England?

    No guarantee I'd remember... but did you or just look it up?
  15. CCC'2014: anybody from New England?

    So who won the CCC in 2014? We need to update the trophy!
  16. List of participants

    Ha, ha, ha it sounds more like a french phonetic spelling!
  17. List of participants

    FYI - its spelt iain
  18. List of participants

    So add Val Grimley, Mike Dragone and Edwin Stackhouse to the list plus I understand several more folk have signed up.
  19. 2017 CCC peg draw and Scale Certification

    Barry says you can get breakfast from 6am at Chrissy & Tim's. You can also get your scales certified at the Meet & Greet at the Pegasus Friday evening.
  20. Who Is Lenny Middleton?

    Thank you John for sharing this and giving us some real insight to the Len you knew. You were truly fortunate to call him your best friend. I only met him a couple of times on Savay and still remember Mike Wilson showing me a hair rig for the first time. He lives on as a true legend.
  21. First carp on the fly!

    I took a local TU member Carl Swanson on his first expedition to catch a carp on a fly... His first was this frisky male fish and his second this awesome 25lb common! Both fish falling to an original Jack Gartside pattern cast at bubbling feeders in about 4' of water
  22. Leader problems...

    No - its a braid to mono knot. Still don't understand why you need 80lb for a shock leader with 5oz leads... unless you are fishing over zebra mussels?
  23. Leader problems...

    30lb mainline should be fine casting 5oz leads. I cast 5oz leads with 24lb mono or 30lb braid mainline with no issues and no need for leaders. If I'm casting extreme distances (over 100yds) with lighter mono mainline (12-18lb) then I'll attach a 30lb braid leader using a FG knot which creates a very slim knot
  24. The BOD has voted to approve Kirk Suedmeyer as Missouri State Chair A big thank you to Kirk for stepping up and if you live in Missouri or surrounding state please be sure to get in touch with him. His application letter is below: Dear Staff, I would like to take this opportunity to be considered as the CAG State Chair for Missouri, which I understand is currently vacant. I am 56 years old, working as the Director of Animal Health for the Kansas City zoo for the past 25 years. I have been a member of CAG for almost one year; joining just after catching a large common carp that placed first in our businesses summer fishing contest. I am an enthusiastic pathologic fisherman, tirelessly catching a wide variety of species from every conceivable waterway, promoting catch and release to people of all ages. The common carp is worthy of the designation as a quality sport fish. I have recruited four members (family members) and encouraged another (MOCARP) to rejoin CAG. I have learned many things from members of CAG and would be privileged to serve the CAG members As State Chair, I will promote carp fishing throughout Missouri using the CAG objectives to elevate its status as a premier sport fish and recruit members. It is my long term hope to work with colleagues I have with the Missouri Department of Conservation advocating carp as sportfish, increasing our knowledge of the fish and their role in the waterways of Missouri. With innumerable bodies of water, the state record common carp of 50lbs and grass carp at 69lbs, Missouri has the creeks, rivers and impoundments to provide anglers a ready source of carp that rivals most other states; and as our motto states; “Show Me”, I believe Missouri CAG members will!!