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    Big 4 rules

    Please keep the feedback coming. The aim of creating regions for 2018 was to encourage more interest from other parts of the USA. I think you also have to ask the question as to why so few folk enter from other parts of the USA? There has been a lot of discussion over the years about how the Big 4 is biased towards certain areas (like New England, PA or Michigan). If you take a look at the top 3 weights or the top 10 winners for the last 5 years you'll see that is very much the case. Spring Big 4 Results 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 First 170.11 129.13 120.12 162.09 138.10 Second 154.04 127.15 106.04 135.06 136.06 Third 143.04 122.13 106.02 129.03 122.15 Big Fish 56.04 36.10 37.00 48.04 39.05 Big Mirror 40.02 30.01 37.00 48.04 39.05
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    Big 4 rules

    Perhaps I’m missing your point regarding the Big 4 Rules and the Zones this year. Are you saying you think the ‘zoning’ limits your ability to travel in order to catch big fish?
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    June 2018

    Version 1.0.0


    June 2018 CAG eNews


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    CCC 2018 Registration

    Registration is now open for the 2018 CCC. Please note: When you sign up you are agreeing to abide by the CCC 2018 Rules. Please be sure to read them! CAG members: $60 Non Member: $60 + $25 = $85 Use the link below: CCC 2018 Registration & Payment
  5. The results are all in and have been verified for the CAG SPRING BIG 4 2018. Well done to all 44 Anglers who participated in this year’s event which was made Regional for the very first time. In order to qualify for the final count four fish needed to be registered to give a BIG 4 total. We have winners in three of the four Regions and we are pleased to announce the following: Region 1 Dane Clay fishing out of Pennsylvania with a Big 4 total of 138lb 1oz. Region 2 Brett Du Preez fishing out of Iowa with a Big 4 total of 116lb 11oz Region 3 Keith Thompson fishing out of Texas with a Big 4 total of 102lb 2oz Region 4 Sadly we had no angler registering the required 4 fish! The Prizes! Each of the Regional Winners receive a package of Bait and Tackle valued at $300.00 (winners please pm me your mailing addresses & email for shipping) This year we also had an overall Big Fish prize: A Deeper Sonar & Fish Finder System... This years winner of the Biggest Fish with a stunning 39lb 5oz fish was Dane Clay......well done Dane!! Congratulations to the winners above and well done to those Anglers registering in over 100lb for a BIG FOUR total: Barry Howard, David Dakin, David Pickering, Jason Best, Jerome Moisand, Todd Richer, Tony Carvalho. There were some different elements to this years competition and the results will feed into future ideas and competitions. Look out for a write up in the upcoming CAG eNews and a later NACA. Thank you to everyone who took part and get ready to take part in the Fall Big 4 event!
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    CAG Spring Big 4 - The Winners!

    Winners have all been shipped their Bait Package Prizes and BCT have credited your accounts with $200 to spend ! Dane Clay you have also been sent a Deeper Pro system for winning Big Fish! Thank you to our bait package sponsors: Carp Bait USA DNA Baits Spotted Fin And thanks to Big Carp Tackle for helping support the winners Gift Certificates.
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    CCC 2018

    This years CCC will be back on the Hudson River on Saturday Sept 15th. Details will be posted soon but expect much same as last years regarding lodging, peg locations etc
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    CAG Spring Big 4 - The Winners!

    Winners please also send me a picture (best quality) of your biggest fish from the Big 4.
  9. Please Release the Big Carp - Handout View File A useful handout that explains in different languages the importance of releasing Trophy Sized carp and only eating smaller fish. Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 06/19/2018 Category General  
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    Black Stone River

    Simple tactics with method, pack or feeder & sweetcorn on the hook have worked very well for me over the years.
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    If there was a prize for the biggest Big 4 logo you'd be a contender!
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    New E-NACA is READYNACA 2018 Q1

    View File NACA 2018 Q1 North American Carp Angler Magazine 2018 Q1 Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 05/25/2018 Category NACA  
  13. 16th Annual Junior Tournament August 9—11, 2018 For Registration Packets: Click Here to Email Jo Ann Roberts All the details! Ages 11—18 years of age to participate Fish as individual, but also as a Team of 2—4 anglers, if you’d like (4) age categories (11-14 boys, 11—14 girls, 15—18 boys, 15—18 girls) Trophies & cash prizes awarded for each of the (4) age categories, (1st, 2nd & 3rd place) Additional trophy & cash prize for overall Grand Champion, Medals awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams Adults may fish with a kid, but not for cash prizes Medals awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Adults 1st day — Registration, Opening Ceremonies, Mort Backus & Sons Carp School 2nd day — Fishing, fishing, fishing 3rd day — Fishing, Pizza Party, Closing Awards Ceremony Almost 2,000 kids have participated since the 1st Annual Over a ton of carp caught and released each year. In 2017, (149 carp were caught & released for a total weight of 2,373 lb. 3 oz CAG has been a longtime & proud supporter of the Junior Tournament. You can also follow them via Facebook: Junior Tournament Facebook Page If you would like to help volunteer to support this event as a marshal or any other capacity please contact the organizers. Your organizers; Jo Ann Roberts, (315) 244-1909 & Bob Giordano, (315) 323-4632
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    NACA 2018 Q1

    Version 1.0.0


    North American Carp Angler Magazine 2018 Q1


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    Or you can email the images to yourself and it should give you a choice of image size... quick tip you don't even have to send it just save the file once the email is created
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    April 2018 eNews

    The April 2018 edition of the CAG eNews is now available for CAG Members in the Downloads section.
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    April 2018

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is the April 2018 CAG Member eNews Apologies it's a couple of weeks late but a lot has been going on and I wanted to make sure it was all included


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    Not approved yet

    Hi Dane, Looks like you are on the leader board. So you should be all set?
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    Adjustable Zig Rigs-Tips Needed.

    Straight black or red foam has worked best for me so far & fished to within 2’ of the surface.
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    What wrong with this buffalo?

    How big was the fish? I wonder if it could be a lamprey scar? Odd that it should be on the head or gill plate rather than a softer tissue area.
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    CAG Spring Big 4 2018 The RULES

    Yes - it is. Click on the Live Leaderboard tab at the top of the page & then Spring Big 4
  22. (CT) Savayman

    CAG Spring Big 4 2018 The RULES

    The 2018 Spring Big 4 Leader Board should be open for registration later today or tomorrow. Instructions below: Leader Board Instructions
  23. (CT) Savayman

    CAG Big Four Spring 2018

    Follow this link
  24. (CT) Savayman

    CAG Spring Big 4 2018 The RULES

    It's probably not active yet. I'll check
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    NECC - Thank you!

    This years North East Carp Conference (NECC) was, by all accounts, deemed to be bigger and better than ever. There are of course a lot of folk to thank for helping make the NECC such a great event. Thank you to our speakers Joe Arvizzigno, Attila Agh, Dave Pickering & Blake Carlson for the excellent presentations. They were not only thought provoking but also entertaining. A special thanks to Peter Aarrestad, Director of Inland Fisheries for his update on the fishing in Connecticut and his continued support to help grow Trophy carp fishing here in Connecticut. Frank Warwick and Mark Pitchers thank you for taking the time to join us by the live link. I’m only sorry that the connection issues we suffered did not allow us to see you as well as hear you. We’ll do better next year! A very big thank you to our vendors especially those of you who drove hundreds & even thousands of miles. You all helped make the NECC THE place to be and to come see the very latest and best in bait and tackle as well as THE place to support all your customers carpy needs for the coming season! A special thank you to all our sponsors who provided the fabulous prizes for the raffle. We could not do this without your generosity. As a not-for-profit organization CAG relies on much needed funding we raise at such events to help support the CAG mission and to continue developing & promoting carp fishing in North America. My fellow Board and CAG members thank you! Barry Howard for handling entry and membership, bringing & setting up the CAG Store and Bob Hall for running the store and selling SO MANY raffle tickets. Dean Brookes & Steve Clow for all your help and Phil Nathan who’s remarkable eye for detail and getting things done proved invaluable. Thank you to our friends at the Elks Club who once again provided a great venue and kept everyone well fed and watered! My wife and daughter deserve a very special thank you for not only putting up with me over the recent weeks but after both being quite unwell for the past couple of weeks still managed to come and lend a hand on the day… although the Mrs is now sick again. And of course, last but not least, thanks to all of you who came along and made this such a great event. One of the key aims of the Carp Anglers Group and the NECC is to bring everyone together so we can share in our passion for carp angling. It was well worth all the effort to see so many folk enjoying themselves with friends old and new. Thank you everyone for your kind comments and messages. See you all next year!