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  1. Bill de Brooklyn

    Carp on the worm

    carp are omnivores your presentation is what is important; not the fly. carp are not like other fish, they must be feeding before they will consider taking your fly. if they are not feeding go see a movie. they are very cautious, they don't like fast movements. they are very easily spooked. if you can see them, they see you. always approach with stealth. I have caught carp with numerous flies, dry, wet, streamers, terrestrials and soft baits. lakes fish differently from rivers. please take a look at my blog: The Great Lakes of NYC. it features the tactics I have used to catch carp. you must use stealth, patience and accuracy to be able to take carp with your flies! Bill
  2. Bill de Brooklyn

    Fly fishing shows

    In my opinion, not enough is known about fly fishing for carp. sure, everyone has a fly for carp but not everyone has the same fishery. carp live in many types of water. gin clear, to muddy brown is what I have in the Greater New York Area. Many of the flies designed for carp only work in certain fisheries. It seems no one is fishing the water column. The past few years I have experimented with soft baits,pop ups when fly fishing for carp. Those classically trained may frown but I think the fly fisher needs to push the envelope to expand the season and places where carp can be caught.
  3. Bill de Brooklyn

    Carp Fishing Korea and others

    This is the best carp fly fishing video. It should have received have won an Academy Award.
  4. Bill de Brooklyn

    First carp on the fly!

    Good Work!
  5. Bill de Brooklyn

    Up the Creek

    Good work. the water here is still less than 50F . maybe next week!
  6. Bill de Brooklyn

    Huge carp on fly

    That is not a fish. That is a torpedo! "The Great Lakes of NYC"
  7. Bill de Brooklyn

    Carp flies

    Deer hair is spun to resemble a number of things that carp eat like mulberries, bread, seeds. take a look on "youtube" there are a number of videos that explain how to tie deer hair flies. Bill Henry "The Great Lakes of NYC"
  8. Bill de Brooklyn

    First for 2016

  9. Bill de Brooklyn

    Bubble float "fly fishing"

    It may work. but fly fishers rely on the weight of the fly line to cast their flies. fly fishers cast flies to carp that are in the process of feeding. if carp are not in the process of feeding, we move on to carp that are feeding. carp take many of the same flies that trout take; so a fly placed near a feeding carp is liable to be taken. Bill de Brooklyn "The Great Lakes of NYC"
  10. Bill de Brooklyn

    on a roll

    Loeb Lake this evening.
  11. Bill de Brooklyn

    Second carp

    They must be in the process of feeding themselves. They will not just take a fly. they are super cautious. they do not like fast movements. never let them see you approaching.
  12. Bill de Brooklyn

    Second carp

    I fished ultra light today at a small pond in Nassau county. I dug out my 2 wt March Brown Travel fly rod and One of the early versions of the Franco Vivarelli semi automatic fly reels. I hooked 5 landed 2 in 3 hours.
  13. Bill de Brooklyn

    Short outting paid big dividends

  14. Bill de Brooklyn

    My first carp of 2014

    The rod is made for the Japanese market. I bought it a few years ago from Blue dun in Japan. If you are thinking about the old fiberglass rods, I still fish a 2pc, Orvis full flex, 8 wt made around 1970. It is tough but gentle rod. By that I mean it seems to adjust it's strength to the fish. If I catch a BG you can feel the fish's every move. My favorite rod of the moment is the BVK 6 wt I picked up on e bay. It is fast and accurate. But I plan to catch some carp on my cane fly rods. 6' 10", 3 pc, 7 wt, yellow fiberglass fly rod " Floater Bum". by Fenwick.
  15. Bill de Brooklyn

    My first carp of 2014