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  1. andrewdeeley

    TENCH fishing

    top bait...double ten or twelve mm boilie. hooks a shy biting fish lots.
  2. andrewdeeley

    Tench in America

    saw when I fished in Washington state that they were listed as being in the Columbia river basin. didn't catch one though. love tench!
  3. andrewdeeley

    3 x Century SP'S 12' 3.5tc

    I have always used centurys and have recently used an sp on the st Lawrence river. those fish fight hard yet I felt everything through the blank. awesome rod, great for casting heavy weights into current as well as method fishing. also doubles up as a fantastic spomb/spod rod. get on it!
  4. andrewdeeley

    2015 Seaway 6 Pack Throw Down

    I already askes this. the rules state: 3: Teams may pre-bait up to 5 gallons of any legal chum on June 25, 2015. (You may use spods, blasters or spoons) You may plum for pre-baiting. No anglers allowed at peg sites after 10 pm! so which is correct? andrew
  5. andrewdeeley


    wow. well done brian. just reward for you.
  6. andrewdeeley

    2015 Seaway 6 Pack Throw Down

    bob.. is that the 40?
  7. andrewdeeley

    Any carp fisherman on the area ?

    fished moses lake and also lake Roosevelt. moses wasn't what I was expecting and access was a real problem. loved Roosevelt though. was going to fish round the wanapam dam area of the Columbia too but ran out of time.
  8. andrewdeeley

    oregon sturgeon

    amazing. and to think I came over and only fished for carp on the west coast!
  9. andrewdeeley

    Quarterly Printed News Letter

    hope you research postage costs to the uk so I can scan it then print off dozens so I am not all alone on this cag desert island with Marcus!
  10. andrewdeeley

    2015 Seaway 6 Pack Throw Down

    looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at this event. should be a great get together. my mate rich has never fished the great st Lawrence before. he is so excited as as am I. haven't been over since 2012 and am very much looking forward to this.
  11. andrewdeeley

    Boilie Making

    I agree don't boil them for 2-3 minutes. boil them less and after getting out of freezer put them in a bag with a bit of oil and a few drops of flavour. anything you need help regards bait making please don't hesitate to send a pm or post. made so much bait and actually love making it as much as using it! andrew
  12. andrewdeeley

    Corned Beef and Carp

    by the title I thought you had been using corned beef for carp! now there's a thought!
  13. andrewdeeley

    new cag record

    well done Daniel. amazing capture.
  14. andrewdeeley

    Frank Warwick's New Book - Member Draw

    skeet3 you forgot frank is from Manchester. American English makes more sense to this southern softie! I have this book and loved reading it. the detail on bait and his tactics are truelly enlightening. a brave book in the face of relentless story telling books.
  15. andrewdeeley

    new cag record

    did I miss the thread or has one not been put up yet? seen the pic of the amazing fish! forget European fatties. that is one of the best carp I have ever seen!