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  1. Well, it's been a long tough fall, the victory coffee could not keep me from being sick for a month and out of work. Finally back on my feet and found the time to put together a new episode of CarpQuest. So, it's time to break out your java, heat up the water, grab a huge mug, sit back and enjoy our latest episode. In this session I travel up to northern Colorado and fished with two anglers new to carp fishing, Ryan and Bleu. It's one of the things I love about CarpQuest, the opportunity it provides me to meet so many passionate anglers. It was a great day, good conversation, lots of commons in the net and finally a new PB grass carp for me landed. What an amazing session. Both Ryan and Bleu continued with their carp fishing, with Bleu winning the TLO Carp Tournament at the end of this year, and Ryan placing in the previous one. What a great couple of guys, passionate and dedicated to their fishing. Hope you enjoy ! John CarpQuest
  2. A quick introduction and my PB carp

    Welcome to CAG !
  3. Two PBs busted in one session!

    Epic, well done !
  4. With only a few day's to go until Colorado's final carp tournament of the year, at Lake Arbor, 1st Oct it's time to sit back, drink some java and enjoy our latest episode of CarpQuest. A great day's carp fishing on the banks of a favorite venue with friends. Andrew lands a handful on his Nash Sawn Off Scope's, myself and James each land a fish before a strong thunderstorm moved in and we had to depart of the day. Hope you enjoy ! John
  5. Are Rod Pods Worth it?

    I would say, my little "red-wagons" have been a life & back saver over the years. The first one lasted me about 5 years, the second one, is still going strong. Sadly I have overgrown the wagon and now it's getting ridiculous with the amount of stuff I pile on there and expect to be able to drag it to the swim. A barrow in my near future. Rod pods, bank sticks, each has their place, though I have a couple of pods there are still occasions when I will just pack a couple of sticks and the alarms, especially when traveling real light (which is a rarity for me).
  6. Marchin carp!-BEAUTIFUL MIRROR!!!!

    Big or small, i do have a soft spot for mirrors.
  7. Just in time for the eclipse, before the world's end, it's time to refill your mug, put up your feet, sit back and enjoy our latest episode ! A busy work schedule had too long kept me from the water. Finally we managed to get out and put in a couple of sessions at the Fairgrounds. With the clear skies, burning temperatures, it was always going to be tough fishing. Yet we stuck it out and managed to land a few nice fish. Victory Coffee, tastes as good ever ! Hope you Enjoy ! John
  8. Thanks ! i do admit, a good sized cat can put up an almost carp like battle, well worth of a coffee ! Now, being over-run by lots of small catfish is no fun, those little suckers can pack down everything, their guts seemingly endless, no matter how full. Their tiny mouths, able to suck in and crunch down the largest of boilies and snowman rigs, etc !
  9. Well, it's not been too long, your coffee pot is likely still warm, so sit back, pour yourself a hot mug of java and enjoy our latest episode. With our recent success fishing overnight we returned to Chatfield for another session. Over confident from our previous trip we setup in the rain and wind, anticipating many catches. A few catfish graced the net, including a big fat channel cat. We did land some baby carp and finally a few nice low doubles. Tough night, but still fun. Victory Coffee is not just for carp, any great catch is worthy of a mug! Hope you enjoy ! Tight-Lines, John CarpQuest
  10. Well carp fans, it's been way too long with the mug sat empty. So it's time once again to put on the coffee pot, rinse off the mug and prepare to watch another episode. In this week’s new episode of CarpQuest we fish an overnight session at Chatfield Reservoir. With daytime temps pushing 100F, the bite slow, this could be our best change to get some fish on the mat. Hope you enjoy ! John CarpQuest

    John/CarpQuest https://www.instagram.com/carpquest/
  12. The sonar doesn't tell you exactly what species the fish are. Earlier versions of the device tried to show you the relative size of the fish, however, given that this readout can greatly depend upon the angle of the fish to the beam, the time the fish spends in the beam, etc, I believe this feature was removed. Often what I find myself doing is using the "fish icon" feature, to locate fish, then going back and reviewing the playback on the history function, turning off the "fish" icons to show me the actual arcs. What would show you the actual fish more accurately would be a sidescan sonar feature; alas i doubt we will see a castable sidescan sonar anytime soon. Saying all this, what I am doing is using the sonar as an aid in my fishing, rather than allowing it to dictate how I fish. The only caveat would be, if you are looking for fish with zigs, then the sonar would be hugely beneficial in locating what depth the fish are at. Knowing the venue, what species of fish are in there, where they typically congregate, especially for depth of water and any features, helps in determining what species the fish are likely to be. In this particular video/session, I was fishing an area of the reservoir I knew pretty well, having fished there dozens of times before. Any fish spotted just off the bottom were highly likely to be carp, closer to the bottom, potentially catfish or suckers. If I had been casting a lot further off the shore, walleye would have been another fish to add to the probably list - though they have a very distinctive arc with their swim bladders. So, given the fish we marked were a little ways off the bottom, were at a transitional shelf, where we had caught carp from before, we banked on them being carp. In this instance, it proved to be true, and them some! I will certainly write a detailed review once I have used the sonar a lot more. I prefer to give a product a good season, or at least many sessions of use, before forming a verdict. I can say, the things I like about it so far, the GPS Mapping, History Playback, plethora of free functions, including calendar, moon phase, custom locations, private maps, local maps. It has been accurate so far for me in topography, water temperature, and wireless range is excellent. I have not outcast it yet, but i'm sure someone with a better casting range than myself could do so. It was quick to setup and I have encountered few issues with it's use. The main problem I have encountered is how fast I burn down my cellphone batter when using it, < 45 mins, with wireless and GPS enabled on the phone, screen brightness at 100% so I can see it. I do carry a portable charger for the phone, both a power pack 15000mah and I also have a Goal Zero Yeti 150. If i wanted to map a large place, i'd likely hook the phone directly up to an alternate power source, though this can be a little unwieldy. I have previously used both an iBobber and a SonarPhone castable sonars, so have a fair comparison. I would certainly spend a few extra $ and get the Pro version, if for nothing else, the mapping function. Tight-Lines, John
  13. Thanks Jerome ! Now that's a brilliant quote !
  14. I recall last year when I did that "live" show on the Local Fishing Knowledge out of BPS. The guys hosting it kept bringing me 20oz coffee's from the coffee bar. After about 5 in a couple of hours I started to get the DT"s. I still had a coffee with my dinner later that night ! I suppose there could be too much of a good thing, though i've yet to find it !
  15. Well carp fans, though it's been a while, hopefully the wait will be worth it. Time to grab a bucket of coffee sit back and enjoy our latest episode, a single cup just won't be enough ! In this week’s episode of CarpQuest we only had time for a very short afternoon session. Aided by a Deeper Smart Sonar Plus we quickly found the fish. The next four hours were incredible, with a dozen carp landed, including four twenties, five mirror carp and a new PB mirror carp for me. Hope you enjoy !