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  1. Quality book and well worth a read- old school carping and good for when you can't get out on the bank.
  2. It would be amazing if they still were 12 years later:)
  3. 2x daiwa wind cast z reels excellent condition - used about 15 times $320 shipped. Boxes paperwork and unused spare spools.
  4. Excellent- I want to give that a try along with some of the shark and ray fishing we have in California
  5. I guess the no trade policy does not apply for the basiar's
  6. Yeah these are beautiful and immaculately cared for- when I'm fishing with Dave they distract me from watching the water:) a tackle tarts dream.
  7. Good luck on the home mades - it's a great feeling catching on your own. Seems like you don't need to use as many to get bites as well. You can also freeze the dough if you get fed up rolling- I make a load of dry mix and keep it in a bucket so you can just pull out a six egg mix and make them up as you need. I keep the measurements of the liquids stuck to the side of the bucket.
  8. Bet those things fought like hell
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