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  1. BobWhite

    Tiger Nut Bite is on

    Thanks can’t wait for spring.
  2. Congrats to all the winners after getting my first 19 min in wish I would have started right at 12:00am. Once the river flooded it went dead can’t wait for the next event. Also thanks for all the prizes and organization awesome job and turnout this year.
  3. Robert White 4 pounds 6oz Mirror 5:49 am
  4. Bob White BobWhite From RI fishing in MA
  5. Thanks for all the great fish ins and Yankee Challenges Iain. Hopefully we enjoy many more successful fishing trips together.
  6. Thanks Iain I’ll take a look at the free fishing weekends.
  7. Its so sad we didn’t have this wonderful event this year. Next year if there is no host I will do the work to make it happen. 2017 was a bad year for me I lost my Dad in the spring and didn’t get out much hope to see you all alot more in 2018 if any of the New England State Chairs need any help please reach out to me.
  8. Bob White BobWhite From Lincoln RI Fishing in MA
  9. Looks like a great time sorry I couldn't make it work has been crazy
  10. Bob White BobWhite RI RI or MA junior nope ?
  11. Good luck could not get out this weekend
  12. Another overnight fish in would be great. Congrats to the winners.
  13. I'm going to bring a friend from work and his son. I took Him carping for the first time last year and he loved It his son saw the pics and wants to try also there both from RI and potential new members.
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