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  1. likewise James, been a hectic day with the kids but will be up for meeting this week if we can make it work, just let me know. Be up for some days sessions very soon. Love the photo very streamlined, bet that was a great fight..
  2. finally sorting stuff out and my gear is arrivig next week, after some suggestions on where to head? . I have no idea whats going to make it through customs though. Im not that bothered to begin with on size of fish just be nice to catch a few and maybe Cats. So i live almost opposite san Pablo res been told it holds carp but no idea on sizes etc heard about clearlake but again no idea if worth a trip been told to fish the delta north of Tracy after come advice and if anyone is local and fanices a beer and a chat i'd be up for that. Work in the City cheers all
  3. ah yes not far at all. So going to bring the gear but i really don't need bivvies and brolleys/bedchairs etc do i? Just day session stuff hopefully? thanks for all the help on this guys
  4. Sounds good, will have to meet up if you guys are localish. Wil deff bring it all even if overkill. no fancy bait needed im sure, maize etc? anything i should try and buy and bring? Im from south coast nr Brighton..
  5. Ha tackle tarts all over the world then.. Will bring it any ideas what the area is like for Carp?
  6. Hi Guys Im going to be relocating with work to SF and wondered if i should be bringing my carp gear.. Done loads in the UK and France but actually fed up with how busy it easy.. Very tempted to bring it and company will be paying so thats not an issue.. Any good waters around? Will be leaving around East Bay Cheers guys Paul
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