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  1. Mark Mott

    oregon report

    Nice looking bunch of fish!
  2. Mark Mott

    Our New Oregon State Chair

    What an honor. I very much look forward to my new role and I hope that I'll serve the group well. I will be reaching out for advice soon to get things rolling here in Oregon! I'm very excited for the opportunity. Thank you!
  3. Mark Mott

    The recapture of Cut Tail

    I have always been a catch and release fisherman but I was a bass fisherman for most of my life before I moved to the NW. And lets face it, most bass look the same. To actually see the same fish out of the water is amazing. I had always hoped that is the way it would work, that some one down the line would get the chance. But for me to get that chance was truly amazing and something I don't think I will soon forget. Happy Thanksgiving all! Mark
  4. Hi all, I had the privilege to catch a very special fish yesterday. Cut Tail, as my buddies call him is not the biggest carp you will see and def not the prettiest but he is most certainly special. You will notice from the picture that he has a "cut tail" due to who knows what. But we do know that 3 of my fishing buddies have caught him and then yesterday it was my turn. As soon as he came into view my friend said, "oh, that's Cut Tail!". I was told of his past captures and shown pics to prove it. It was amazing to share the memory and fish with them. He also happens to be my current pb at 19.7lbs. That made it just that much more special! Mark
  5. Mark Mott

    Untitled Album

  6. Mark Mott

    Untitled Album

  7. Mark Mott

    Untitled Album