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  1. FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Name: Richard de Oliveira Forum name: Richard de Oliveira From: New Jersey Fishing: New Jersey over 17 years old in
  2. NJ Fish In 4-19-14

    is there carp in there? I've read bulls head but no carp. it is a beutiful lake tho thanks
  3. Carping In Nj

    Thanks Miguel! Ill give it a try this weekend. Maybe I'll catch the same fish with a few pounds more!
  4. Chub Cyclone EZ

    Hi. You're from cranford? Are you interested on get together to fish! I know one other carper from there.
  5. Carping In Nj

    Hey NJ. Who is interested on a get together at Rosedale Park, Pennington? I've visited a few weeks ago and it has plenty of space for everyone. I am going to check for depth and weed conditions and come back to you soon. Just want to know how many would be interested to get together. Thanks
  6. Carping In Nj

    My first catch of 2017 Passaic river, not a big fight. Carp had some bruises.
  7. Carping In Nj

    I'll add farrington to my list! If you want to join let me know. Thanks
  8. Carping In Nj

    my spots to go spruce run raritan river high point state park new wawãyanda godfrey lake asbury park cheesequake topanemus passaic river (usual spot) let me know of any events, Im in and I can help.
  9. NJ fish in

  10. NJ fish in

    Hi Mark, is it tidal? Im going to try a bunch of spots on the raritan this year. I just don't like to deal with the tides
  11. Octopus Circle Hooks

    Hi everyone, this is a great topic. I feel that everyone should use what they are comfortable with. the hook, hook size and how you tie it depends a lot on what you use on the hair. small hooks for corn size 8 or 10 size 6 to boilies and pop ups. i don't use bigger than that and I fish with pop ups 90% of my casts. I have an example of my set up attached. Just try to use hooks with small barbs for carp safety. Tight lines