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  1. Hi Rob!

    Apologies for the random personal message - my name's Dave and I've just relocated to NH (Nashua) from GA - I'm originally from England and did a lot of carp fishing over there.

    I got your name from the CAG forum and thought I'd get in touch.

    I was wondering if you had any advice/help on fishing lakes / rivers / reservoirs in New England that had good shore access - i'm doing some online research and it seems a little hard to find some water that doesn't have a million houses on it. 

    I know the carp fishing scene can be a little "clicky", but if you'd be willing to pass on any pointers I'd really appreciate it. All my carp fishing tackle is currently in the UK and I'm looking at shipping it over and targeting some waters here next spring.

    I've just moved to Nashua (NH) and looked at lakes in NH/MA/RI/CN etc.

    Many thanks - cheers!

    Dave (aka "Westie")