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  1. Thank you. See just joining this site, i`ve learned more in the last two weeks, then i have in the ten years i`ve been here. Thanks guys, means alot.
  2. Very interesting indeed. I know buying some baits, can get a little pricey. But i do make alot of my own. But Your info, makes alot of sense, because i have wondered why i struggle a little using the baits i do. I did mention in one of my posts, i have been changing around my bait lately, as i think what i used in England, does not seen to work that well over here. But it`s all about trail and error. It,s a good learning curb for me, and i love the fact i have to work hard to catch. Not so much in England it`s very easy there, but then again i learned what worked best there. Any tips are always welcome. Thankyou
  3. Thanks for all the welcomes. I,m sure we have all learnt a few things over the years. Would be nice to share what i have learned, and also learn some new methods that work well over here. Thanks again all.
  4. I might keep ya to that, i know where bethel rd is in columbus, Yes it would be nice if i can get into a group, i have heard about the payed lakes over here but all i have heard it is mad, and you get alot of people either casting near ya, or over ya line. lol i remember that well.
  5. Thank you for the reply, and info. I have used a few methods i was used to using in England, as carp fishing is all we do. I have had to change a few things, more so just with bait, but i do make my own bollies and of course i do use cage feeders with my setup. I used to do alot of match fishing in England, just aint done any for a while. And no, we dont eat the carp, we always put ours back.
  6. Hi all, My name is tony, and i was a carp fishermen from England. I have been living in America now, for the last 12 years, and i have just got all my carp gear back together, so i was looking to join a carping group, that maybe on occasion may do carping fishing trips. Just throwing myself out that to say hello, and looking for some great carp lakes / rivers to fish. Thanks
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