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Found 48 results

  1. I have fished at night time a lot and have never caught one ever. How do you guys do it? Do they go into deeper water at dark or more shallow water? Do they feed as much as in day time?
  2. Hello folks. Saturday, September 10th 2016 marks the first annual Carp, Trout and Salmon derby for "Lure for a Cure". This is a charity fishing event with prizes, food and drink. I am the secretary for the Genesee Charter Boat Association here in Rochester NY. I am an avid carp angler and would love to make this event bigger and better every year. We have FishUSA and Northport Nailers as sponsors this year. The basics: Prizes for largest carp, trout and salmon along with the smallest in each category. Fishing is on and offshore of the Genesee River. The main swims are The Summerville Pier located at Silk O'Loughlin's http://www.silkoloughlins.com/ The fish will be carefully weighed in slings and released. This swim is very productive and has not been fished much at all over the past weeks. My biggest of this swim was a beauty 32 lber caught on hemp soaked feed corn. Anise is a favorite on this swim too. Weigh in's begin at 6 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. Food, drink, raffles etc will taking place all day. This is a charity for The American Cancer Society. I'm not sure if I posted this in the right spot, and I am eager to contribute positively as much as I can. Truly, Captain Larry Hammond Lure For A Cure Updated.pdf
  3. Last week I was invited to be the featured guest on the Local Fishing Knowledge show, broadcast live on Facebook from the Bass Pro Stores in Denver. I wanted to thank everyone that showed up on the live stream and showed their support, appreciate it was very short notice ! Carp fishing in Colorado is still growing in popularity, even though we may have some of the most strict rules regarding the sport, especially with regards to chumming. Though I do appreciate BPS is not everyone's favorite place, the store here in Denver has supported the last 3 catch & release carp tournaments in the state, offering up $$$$s in gift cards as prizes. I am planning to take the General Manager of the local store out carp fishing in the future, showing him our passion for the sport, giving him the opportunity to battle the species with rod & reel, the tackle and gear we use. Though I doubt any of us can change attitudes overnight, or even in the next few years, each little bit we each can do to be advocates for the sport ,and the species, is a step in the right direction. You can listen to an audio replay of the show here, LFK Podcast. If you have facebook, you can always watch the video the show on Born to Fish Media page, Again, thanks guys, you made this a great event ! Tight-Lines, John
  4. It was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. A great carp fishing session at the Fairgrounds resulted in a trio of twenty pound common carp and some good mid to upper teens ! Hope you Enjoy ! John
  5. In this weeks new episode of Carpquest we fish a new spot at a favorite venue. The move turned out great, as we landed almost half a dozen good commons including a pair of 20 lb'ers ! Victory Coffee Time ! Hope you Enjoy! John
  6. In this weeks episode, on a bright sunny afternoon my wife and I made the drive up to the fairgrounds for a picnic. I got the rods out, the lines in and was rewarded with several nice common carp up to 21 lb's. Is there a better way to spend an afternoon with family ? Tight-Lines, John
  7. In this weeks episode of CarpQuest we met up with my friends, James, Ron and his son, Jordan. With water temps cold I decided to go back to basics and fish simple rigs with a range of CC Moore Hellraiser pop-ups. For those that have often asked, who want the "how-to", hopefully this episode shows you a bit more of the rigs I use in action. Hope you enjoy! Tight-Lines, John
  8. Here are the registered teams, up to date. We will be posting new registrations, as they come in. Let us know if you have any questions, and PM Chad ( djkleen02 ) if there are any edits needed.
  9. The final episode of CarpQuest from 2015 sees Andrew, Ron, Jordan and I all meet up for an end of the season session at the Fairgrounds. We all banked a few good carp before the day was done including a beautiful 20 lb'er for me and a new PB for young Jordan. It was a frosty and cold start to the morning. As the temperatures warmed up so did the bite. Overall the 2015 season was not a bad, even though we lost more than half of it the volatile Colorado weather, with record flooding and weeks of powerful storms. The fall fishing certainly made up for the earlier difficult conditions with 80% of the carp caught coming during the months of September and October. I am certainly looking forwards to the 2016 season ahead, hoping to meet many new anglers, introduce more people to the passion of carp fishing and hopefully, fish some new venues. Tight-Lines, John
  10. For some light holiday humor, and in honor of the release of Star Wars the Force Awakens, I was fortunate to get the very latest item from Next Generation Tackle's development department as an early Xmas present - the NGT Lightsaber! I think it will even be available in a carpy green. Available in stores in 3015, plenty of time to get a pre-order in now. Wonder if Big Carp Tackle will stock them in future ? Tight Lines and Happy Holidays Everyone, Hope you Enjoy! John
  11. In this weeks new episode of CarpQuest we see Ron and I get in a late fall session at the Fairgrounds. The weather was great, as was the carping, with Ron banking 3 twenty pound common carp. I did bank several mid to upper doubles for me. This is the penultimate episode of CarpQuest for 2015, will release the final video next week in time for Xmas. Tight-Lines and Hope you enjoy ! John
  12. We were at the funeral of our son-in-law's uncle. My wife and I had a time to chat with one of her former teachers after the service. I have fished with her husband Ernie for trout on one of our local tailwater rivers on occasion. She also fishes for trout. Di worked at a large sporting goods store in their hometown. In order to know what flyfishing is all about, they company sent her to an Orvis school! Nancy mentioned that I had a new hobby- carp fishing. She just had to mention all the new gear that I bought. I gave Di the CAG website address. When we were leaving, Nancy remembered that I had some CAG brochures in the van. She gave me one and I passed it along to Di. She works during the week but Ernie works at a local business and works swing shifts. Opens the way to fish during the week. Will keep in touch with them. Maybe Nancy and I can host a mini fish-in with them and their daughter on a weekend. BTW, Di was asking if I caught carp on a fly rod. Told her that was on the list for next spring. Di said she had caught a carp that reached her waist....about 2-1/2-3 feet long I would estimate.
  13. That ought'a shut her up... The wife has been bugging me to empty my car from all the fishing rods and landing nets, tackle boxes, buckets, float tube, wading shoes, bibs etc etc... It almost got to this point again:
  14. I have read Jerome's pilgrimage in piscatorial pursuit of carp over several states. We have also been in contact regarding getting the printed newsletter up and running. During these conversations, Jerome inquired about taking a similar trip in the future and asked about carp fishing in TN. We have exchanged at least two emails as to when and where to fish. I told him of some places that I have fished plus motels and restaurants here in town. He was most appreciative of many people who have offered to help out with his plans and give solid advice. CAG is an organization of like-minded people who are interested in two things- carp fishing and pointing people where to catch carp.
  15. CarpQuest is never over ! The release date for Season 3 of CarpQuest on YouTube is set for Spring 2015. Here is a teaser for you, to get your carp juices flowing ... The new title teaser trailer has been re-edited and produced in full HD with new footage from the past two seasons of CarpQuest. Carp Fishing, Fishing, Family, Friends and Fun Note: This video would not have been possible without the assistance of my brother, Peter Finney, and his production skills. Thanks Bro for all your hard work, patience and dedication in working with me to this finished for the fans! Hope you enjoy the new titles ! Tight-Lines, John
  16. I will use this thread to share my experiences when I fish alongside some of the MasterMinds of the sport of Carp Fishing.
  17. Decided to share on YouTube my easy and cheap alternative to expensive pack bait coils. Stopped by my local Dollar Tree and picked up two packs of Curling Hair Coils (2 colors and sizes 18 pieces total) and One Pack of 100 Color Cable Ties (Also Great For Tagging Fish (Check your local Regs)) total cost $3.17 There are inner cylinder and outer "half-pipe" so from each two shells there is one additional Pack Coil for a total of 10+5+8+4=27 Feeders. Then I used a plain Gold Long-shank wire panfish hook to make a baiting needle. Enjoy! ________________________________
  18. I am new to this forum and love Carp Fishing! Tight Lines To All!
  19. Arvand

    Foreign Venues

    Really nice video, thought I'd share! Cheers!
  20. Was informed by Mike Williams the owner of Lakeside Cottages at Lake Katchawanooka that Fish TV was carp fishing at the resort. This is great as the sport is growing and the big boys are getting on it! A documentary about Carp Fishing will be out soon getting more people aware of this great sport fish in Ontario! is that u Nathan? Mike the resort owner with a 34lb from the same lake in Sept 2011
  21. Hello friends, My name is Marin. I am a 29 year old Bulgarian and a passionate carp angler. So i would like to show to the audience of the CAG what is happening in Bulgaria - venues, competitions and others...I hope you will be interested to discuss with me. greetings,
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