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  1. And the carpin continues!!.....In 4 hours caught 12 carp from 6lbs 6oz up to an 11lb 13 oz!!, plus a 10-1, 10-4, 10-7, and a 9-9.... a total of 104lbs 3oz....an average of over 8 1/2lbs!!...and I lost more than a half-dozen hits as well.....temps were climbing into the 50s today and warmer tomorrow, but alas, can't go tomorrow.......I had one with only one eye, and another with unusual fimbriated (fanned-out) barbels-the second or third I've caught from this spot.....also noted most fish fought much harder than last month-water was a little warmer......and most of the carp were in good body condition, but not the fat ones I noted last month- maybe they're starting to feed cause they're using body condition/fat reserves and the water is starting to warm just abit?........some truly beautiful, vibrant colors in most-you couldn't paint the shine!!!.......sorry for all the pics-just my youthful enthusiasm!!...good carpin all!!!......
  2. What a day today!.....62F, so took my son ( a CAG member too!) fishin about 8 minutes away-just a creek next to a grocery store, though no one fishes it for carp).......well....with the subtle bite technique we caught 7 carp; 55lbs 6oz.....in 3 hours.....none of these flip-flopped fought!- all made several runs.............that makes 17 carp for January, including my two FFF, for 107lbs 11oz!!- for a 6.29lb average!!..............Never would have guessed it!-thanks in part to all the CAG members for sharing all their expertise.........was going to a large lake, but too windy, and viola!-fishes!!!!!....Cant wait til it warms up!!! ....................sometimes ya just gotta go fish!!!.......keeps your sanity!!!!!..................good luck and skill all!!!....On to February!!
  3. HERE WE GO AGAIN ! Season 5 is off and running ... Get your coffee cups out (this is a two cup session), fill with hot java, and sit back and watch the show ! In this weeks opening episode of CarpQuest Season 5, we look back at the great time I spent with my brother when he visited last summer. We had some excellent carp fishing adventures, a dawn sunrise at the top of Pikes Peak and some night photography. We hope you enjoy! Tight-Lines, John CarpQuest
  4. Hi all!! What a day!!....but not at first.......drove the 3 and a half hours to St. Louis for some fishing and relative visitin!-the weather was fabulous at 68F!!. (started at 39F though)..wife and one son (both CAG members ) went along-so excited!!!.....After 4 hours of NOT ONE FISH except two tail- snagged big-head carps, we finally started a near-furious bite!!.....I had tried boiled corn, strawberry panko, sweet corn, oat panko and nuthin!....and then, the action started....AND MY WIFE CAUGHT HER FIRST CARP!- PLAYED IT LIKE THE PRO SHE IS!- It wrapped the dock post, but freed itself and voila!- landed this nice 5lb 9ozer!!.....A proper CAG initiation!!.....After that, my son wanted his second, and within minutes caught......well....I'll have him make his first post!!...so proud of both!!!
  5. see my other post about my wife's first carp!!! What a nice day!!....traveled the 3 and 1/2 hours to St. Louis to fish under clear skies and an afternoon temp of 68F!!!......Fishing was non-existent for 4 hours!!!!- 4!!!!!!!!!!!!, very disappointed had my wife and son (both CAG members)....very frustrating!-notta on sweet corn, strawberry panko, oat panko-nuthin!....and then!! viola, two small tail-snagged big head's (one here- ehhh/ugghhh), and one after another common carp!........started with the 8lb 10oz, followed by 6lb 6 (doubled with my son's 4lb 8ozer-he'll post his pics in a bit...), a fierce 5lb 12oz, then a 2lb 3 and 2lb 5- A total amongst us of 10 carp..8 of which were commons for a total of 38lbs!!... all the commons were caught over 2 and one-half hours....a nice, nice day!!...........Go CAG!!!!!!
  6. In this weeks episode we get in a late fall session with Jeremy Romero from Born to Fish Media. Our mission for the day, to see if we could help him catch a few late fall fish, always a challenging time for carp fishing here in Colorado. Hope you Enjoy! Tight-Lines, John
  7. In this weeks new episode of CarpQuest a short session at a favorite venue produced a huge surprise capture, a new PB grass carp for me. Yet this capture was bitter sweet. A few months later the lake was all but totally drained to repair an inlet. As the lake was being refilled a local angler spotted the corpses of a dozen or more big carp in the shallows. Such a sad end to so many beautiful fish that had called this water home for over a decade. Before the work commenced some of the lakes inhabitants, hopefully including a few of the big carp, were relocated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to another lake in the city. We were only aware of a pod of around 30 or so carp that once lived here. We will return to the lake in Spring of 2017 to see if even just a couple of these majestic fish may have survived. Nature is always full of surprises ! Hope you enjoy. John
  8. Happy Holidays All!!.........I appreciate all the advice, tips, suggestions, and encouragement ya'll have given me!!!! Good carpin in 2017!!!!
  9. Hi all, Nothing fantastic, but just a nice afternoon fishing today....had two poles; one with light-weight (two split shots) sweet corn, one with oat/corn juice/corn/vanilla pack bait......within 5 minutes had this 9lb grass carp on the sweet corn, then this 8lb 4oz common on the sweet corn pole (not a hit on the oats), lost a larger fish, then this 8lb 12oz common on the same pole....I switched to both poles with sweet corn, but only one pole had the hits-tied the same, weighted the same (two round split-shot 4" up the line)....both poles 8lb mono, identical reels (Pflueger Trions), no alarms-just watching the VERY subtle bite..(any wind and I'd miss every fish), one pole with all the hits 5'6" and the other 5'....cast to within 2ft of each other and on elevated bank stakes......can't explain and don't really care, but...what if I had decided only the one rod?....my creek fishing observations of no carp would have been justified.....this is at least a 12', maybe 15' deep hole and I fished at the edge of the fast-moving inflow (X)......the farther spot (A) is a curved dead-end which the inflow bypasses....maybe my back-up FFF 2017?....very secluded area!!!......saw many breaching carp just in front of the tree-stump, which is inaccessible slack water..i can cast there but the current will pull my line away I think....thoughts on fishing that spot?.Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!!....
  10. What a GREAT DAY yesterday!......Drove 3 and a half hours to visit my brother and mom, and took my youngest with me on the Mississippi river......an avid but not pathologic fisherman like me, but......well, in two hours we caught 41lbs of carp with 6 fish!- He caught his first, a 7lb 10ozer, then less than 15minutes later the 4lbr-it literally took him less than an hour to learn the subtle bite technique (he's very astute, patient fisherman and probably needed no training ).......SO PROUD!!-I'll post just his fish, mine will be on a separate thread to showcase him!- future CAG member maybe!!!...........
  11. It's been many weeks since I had some free time. Always work, or another household project, to get done before video editing. As we approach the holidays, I was finally able to get down infront of the computer and finish up a CarpQuest session video. Still got a couple of video's left to edit, there is hope I may be able to get them done before years end ! So, in this weeks new episode we fish the Fairgrounds on Labor Day. Joined by Andrew and James, it turned out to be a great hot summer session. The carp were heads down and feeding as we landed over a dozen fish ! Hope you enjoy.
  12. What a great day Sunday!- drove 3 and half hours to visit my brother and mom and just had to try the Mississppi-well, a slough off the Mississip.....caught the first, an 8lb 4ozer within 3 minutes!!!, then a 4lb 10oz, 6lb 7oz and 9lb 4 oz trading catches with my son! (see separate thread)....in two hours we caught 6 fish weighing 41lbs!!....air temp 43F and water temp 46F. Had there been ANY wind, we would have caught nothing!!!.....the second fish has a few irregular scales and is much lighter than the other three but I'd still guess it as a common, rather than mirror, ghost, or other correct?.....oh......then drove 3 and half hours back in the rain
  13. Hi all! Caught this carp yesterday at a new swim (just trying to pile up spots for FFF 2017!)....slammed the bait and popped the pole off the bank sticks!...Great first run like a summer carp!- 6lb 4 oz, but when I looked at the head, both sets of lower barbels have developed what appears to be sensory extensions!- both upper barbels were split as well-since it is all symmetrical and identical on both sides, I don't think it is a results of trauma-the tissue is too uniform and unbroken/scarred. To me it appears to be a step-up in, or throwback to an earlier version where the ancestors had more polyp-shaped barbels or local environmental adaptation?........anyone seen anything like this?- It also had an elongated ventral lobe of the tail-sickle-shaped in a way.........I've looked through all my photos and photos of carp online, books, etc......I placed a photo of what I normally see ( last week's carp) and yesterday's............He/she is back in the water and maybe more babies will look like this?- or she will grow to monstrous proportions in a few years!!!.... all thoughts welcomed!!
  14. So.....my very first CAG Big Four............wow!!! what an experience!!! I switched to fishing at night at a local lake shortly after the leaves filled and the carp left the creeks....I hadn't ever really fished at night but became quite comfortable fishing for carp......I'd chum twice daily for a couple weeks and started catching some nice fish, up to 2 per hour!!......One night, towards midnight, after catching several, I had two poles baited with what I call a "peacorn" sandwich- a sweet pea sandwiched between two pieces of sweet corn, and free-lined on a #4 Gamkatsu circle hook (I've simply had my best success on circle hooks-sorry all)...I had just texted the Mrs. saying I was packing up and on the way home.....Well, I had a fish hit and within a minute, felt the power of a very large carp!...one that through my very short experience felt at last 20 pounds.......yeah!!!- I texted the wife simply "big fish!"......this was going to be special, since I was using 8lb test on ultralight....fortunately I had just retied the hook (its very rocky where I fish) and had 120yds of line.....the fish headed towards open ocean, then back and forth for the first hour, give and take, drag screaming, etc......then.......nothing-no movement, no tug, no slack.... :(.......I had this happen routinely and learned that sometimes, if I just let the pole sit, a small fish (bluegill, small channel, etc. ) would come along and tug at the bait, freeing it from the rock.....so saddened as I didn't even glimpse the huge carp I had, and just lost a larger one to a hook pull the previous week.....oh well....I texted again saying my line was snagged...-tucked the pole in the rocks with a little tension and finished packing-unhooking matt, sling, net, lights, tackle, lines, etc. with occasional glances at the pole-no movement, ..................nothing...finished packing and wrapped the line around my jacket/arm to snap the line-there was just a subtle, soft pull.....there's a thick line of snapped lines, hooks, sinkers, etc., and more and more lines get snapped off....so....but the line moved!!!....I quickly texted again and said fish still on!!! (1:30am none-the-less)..it took off again, but slowly I turned it and knew if I could keep the head up, I could land it.....-in between runs and gives I was able to unfold my mat, the sling, and reassemble the net!!!......after one more hour, it came into view, my biggest, largest carp...one that was going to be my personal best, BY FAR (even though I started carp fishing in June of this year, it still counts!! ...)., and then a range of emotions as the fish came closer- a massive flathead catfish!!!!....How was I going to land this?...it was far too large for the net-maybe I could slide it into the sling if I laid it in the water just right, but how do I close it?.....I placed the pole cross-wise in my mouth, but couldn't pull the fish into the sling!!!.......then a 25watt light bulb went off-these are the fish of noodle fame!!!! .........so...........................I noodled him!!- lifted all 39lbs 14 oz up onto the rocky shore, laid him on the mat and caught my breath....visibly shaking (don't know how you guys do it catching 30lb carp routinely!!!)........how did I catch a flathead, fishing for carp?....He must have hit the small bluegill or small carp that hit my bait!!, though there was no sign of either-the hook was firmly in the lower lip....WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!......not a mark on the fish....I've routinely seen catfisherman here and all they catch is small channels.....I admired the fish for just a few minutes, got my pictures, then release him- a survivor, a fish that has been around that area for years and avoided all the lines, hooks, chicken livers, etc..........almost forgot about carping for a minute!!.....he eased into the depths and out of sight........2:30 am!!.........for a time I thought I might have a line-class record, but alas, someone caught a 66lbr on 8 lb test .......oh well.......what an experience!!-just imagine what we all have- I was free to carp fish, I could have kept and eaten him/showed him off, etc.........but....in the end, he earned my respect and admiration and I was a better person letting him go.......will he be caught again?- probably, and probably kept...but maybe he'll sense something up, like the smell of corn and bluegill, and avoid it as he likely has the hooks, the liver, the lines..........fair-the-well kitty!!!,.....my largest cat ever!!!.......thanks to CAG for inspiring me to fish this way! and my wife for boiling corn night after night!!!........ .
  15. My first December carp-a 6lbr caught in less than 15 minutes after casting out.... in a larger river (not the Missouri yet-haven't figured that one out yet :)........(just trying to find spots for FFF)...Couldn't believe how well conditioned it was!!....Only carp of the day but several catfish.......
  16. Hi all!! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!.......I am shifting from creeks (no carp) and local lake (tougher and tougher to catch fish-colder) to the big river- Missouri, which I have never fished....Frank gave me some initial tips, but I have attached 5 annotated images-a birds-eye view, then 4 numbered slides ...where would you suggest, and with what?- is 109ft too far out for river fishing?- I assume not, but the next closest piers are 400 ft in the middle of the river at least....haven't been there yet so some of this may change in real life.....not the safest area so likely no night fishing...some areas may not be accessible.....I would rather fish the opposite shore but the entire length is levee and not accessible from the other side.....and I have no boat........really appreciate any thoughts.....some image are from the river angle of the other "birds-eye views"...please refer to either the slide # or, the very first slide.......thanks all!! Kirk Slide 1 is overall view of barge lift, downstream bridge and water intakes Slide 2 is upstream from slide one and the only bridge with a close pillar....also has an intriguing platform just 10 ft above water line-fish here? Slide 3 is the barge lift Slide 4 is a more detailed view of the shoreline of slide 3............
  17. Watch our video and be sure to like and subscribe! If there are any carp anglers in the VA/NC area that would like to fish with us and be in one of our videos, contact us! Many more session/tutorial videos to come!
  18. Everybody knows that it can be difficult to target the elusive Buffalo. Does anybody want to share some tips, techniques, rigs, baits etc. to give anglers a better chance at landing more Buffalo?
  19. First post here :-). I'm from the Minneapolis area and love fishing for carp. Catch and release of course. Fished one of my spots on the Mississippi river last night. Hooked 7, landed 5 in 2 hours. Didn't weigh them but I would think they were all between 8-22 lbs. When your landing net breaks, you know the carp has some serious torque behind it :-) Always up for hearing about carp tournaments, fishing meetups in the area. Am fishing a small carp contest weekend in a lake-not happy that all fish caught will be disposed off, but I guess they have their reasons for controlling population in a lake. Cheeers... Chaya the Cat.. weltravelled@yahoo.com
  20. Each year the Carp Anglers Group puts on an event to "Take a Kid Carping". I truly believe that the youth of today are the anglers of tomorrow. Helping them get started when they are young, teaching them the basics, not just in techniques but also covering topics such as angling etiquette, pickup up their trash and consideration for others, conservation and the environment. No matter how busy my schedule, work, or otherwise, I always make the time each year to Take a Kid Carping ! This year I decided to take James's 10 yr old daughter Olivia, out on a session to Chatfield Reservoir, Kingfisher. Olivia has been fishing for carp for a couple of years at local venues. She really wanted a chance to catch a "big" carp. Her personal best stood at 6 lb's, a 24" common carp from Quail Lake in Colorado Springs. So, that was the CarpQuest. Could we help Olivia catch a big carp ? Within an hour of setting up, her rod went screaming off with a blistering run. With a "little" help from James to get the fish initially under control, she steered the fish expertly into the net. A minute later it was in the cradle and her hands. A glorious 30.5", 16 lb 2 oz common carp. Olivia had not only caught her first ever Colorado Master Angler carp but she had also landed her new Personal Best - Fins-UP ! It was Job Done. Much victory coffee for James and I, alas Olivia's a wee bit too young for the coffee. A CarpQuest video of this session will be released later this year along with a full "in-session" write-up. Tight-Lines, John
  21. It was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. A great carp fishing session at the Fairgrounds resulted in a trio of twenty pound common carp and some good mid to upper teens ! Hope you Enjoy ! John
  22. I had thought this was posted earlier in the year, alas, either I didn't post it, or it vaporized, so here it is again ! Colorado 2015 - Master Angler Awards and year end report. The "Highs" 2015 was another good year for catch and release carp fishing here in Colorado. With the aid of the "CAG Colorado Challenge 2015" event, we had a good number of anglers across the state submitting proudly their photo's of carp, released, to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife MA program. Stats remained flat year on year, from 2014 to 2015, with 46 carp being submitted, 41 commons, 5 grass carp for a total of 46 fish. The uptick was in 2015, NO carp were submitted for the "Kept" category - hopefully a great step in the right direction. I usually only submit a couple of fish per year to this program (common and grass carp), else the stats/page would be a wee bit skewed ! "Mile High" carp fishing continues to be very popular with the fly fishermen, whom again hosted their "Trout Unlimited" Carp Slam event on the South Platte river last year for charity. The number of bank anglers for carp steadily increases as does the positive dialogue on local fishing forums. The South Platte River, in Denver, remains the "golden mile" for urban fly fishing. The big three reservoirs remain popular for carp and produced a steady stream of captures, Chatfield, Pueblo and Cherry Creek. A 30 lb'er was caught at Chatfield last year, and released. Tightline Outdoors, a local outfitter, hosted Colorado's first Catch & Release Carp Tournament at Lake Arbor in fall. The event was attended by over 20 anglers. It was won by a young 15 yr old lad, whom had never fished for carp before. He was very pleased to go home $1000 the richer. Though I did manage to blank during the event it was great to meet and talk to other anglers interested in carp fishing. TLO will be hosting the event again this year, on July 9th, again at Lake Arbor. The permit was a nightmare for them to obtain so there was only a couple of weeks notice for anglers to sign up and attend. Fingers crossed, it will be another good turn-out. Membership wise, we remain steady at "2". We lost a member in 2015 and gained a new one. I hope to encourage a few more anglers to sign-up, this is still a work in progress. We did have an impromptu CAG member local fish-in, with myself and Andrew Holt. We banked a ton of carp and had a great time. If only we could grow the membership then others would come to realize just how much more fun it is to share the bank with other like minded individuals; we could then start hosting events with a far greater turnout and audience to the locals. The "Low's" During 2015 we had record rain and flooding across the state. Many of the usual big water and big fish venues suffered badly. Hopefully 2016 the weather will be more stable and these venues will again return to their full potential with regards to carp fishing. Late Summer through Fall in 2015 was excellent for fishing with 80%+ of the big fish captures coming in the months of Aug thru Oct. Catch and kill hunting/fishing for carp remains a staple for many in Colorado. There are still plenty of Colorado State Parks and local communities that sponsor and support kill tournaments, either with bow, or rod & line. There were 5 state sanctioned bow fishing tournaments in Colorado last year and the plan is for 5 further events throughout 2016. One particular venue (Barr State Park) had over 1 ton of carp removed during an additional "round-up" event, with the majority of the fish being very small. The officials at this park have even gone so far to announce in 2016 they will be obtaining a number of "carp" shaped targets to add to their collection of archery targets used in their training and education programs for youth archery ! Chumming remains illegal in the state of Colorado though many carp anglers are using packbaits - this keeps the bait "on the line/hool when cast" and thus meets the letter of the wording of the law. Debate and confusion continues on the use of PVA - so anglers, beware! Colorado has a 2-rod limit (with the purchase of a 2nd rod stamp). I have submitted a couple of "Citizen" petitions (one in 2014 and one in 2015) to have the rod limit raised to 3, however these have gone nowhere. Closing 2016 is set to be another great year here for carp fishing in Colorado. We have some stunning fish, both commons and mirrors, with many venues holding 20s and some with very rare 30s. If you are looking for a Mile-High opportunity to wet your line and hold a stunning wild fish in your hands, then Colorado should be on your list of places to visit ! By all means drop me a PM, or message if you are looking to come to Colorado to fish for carp, I can certainly provide assistance, local information and advice. MA Awards For 2015: (angler, size in ", venue)
  23. In this weeks new episode of Carpquest we fish a new spot at a favorite venue. The move turned out great, as we landed almost half a dozen good commons including a pair of 20 lb'ers ! Victory Coffee Time ! Hope you Enjoy! John
  24. TightLine Outdoor's, "Don't Bash the Trash" Carp Fishing tournament is a GO for Saturday, July 9th at Lake Arbor in Colorado 2016. This again took tremendous effort from TLO to even get a permit for the event. Honestly, I thought the event would be cancelled. However, permit in hand, the event is a GO, albeit with very little notice for anyone to be able to attend. FINS-UP to TLO and to the local authorities for again making this happen. This is a CATCH & RELEASE carp fishing tournament. It is a $40 entry fee per angler (+ $2 booking free). Payout will be dependent on #s of anglers that take part. This certainly is not your usual carp tournament, it is a total length event, for all carp caught by each angler. The contest takes place over 2 x 4 hr sessions, during the day, morning and afternoon. There is NO peg draw, there is a quadrant draw. The lake is split into 4 quadrants and you get a draw to see which quadrant you will be fishing in during the morning and the afternoon. Once you know which quadrant you are in it is literally a "scramble" to get there and get setup. From last years experience, the anglers in each quadrant were very considerate and did not fish on top of each other! I will be participating again this year, hopefully I can improve on 2015's performance and actually catch a fish ! For details of the event, registration details and event specific rules can be found on the TLO website. If you have any questions about the event, you should direct these to TLO. www.tightlineoutdoors.com I will be there and will endeavor to again advocate for catch & release carp fishing. I appreciate the format of the event isn't what we are all used to, however, I can only stress again, it is a "CATCH and RELEASE" carp fishing tournament in Colorado, so for that, I raise my coffee mug to the organizers for putting it on at all. Tight-Lines, John
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