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Pawel Sander

Sponsors Of Winter Carp League

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Great sponsors and supporters of Winter Carp League 2010 - 2011:

World Classic Baits !!!


Thanks World Classic Baits for being with Winter Carp League this year, and thanks for your hard work to make big difference in carp fishing baits !!!

Wacker Baits & Tackle !!!


Wacker Baits & Tackle is our great sponsor and supports us from first edition of league 2006 - 2007 and still is with us !!! Thank You so much Paul !!!

New World Carp !!!


Thank you to New World Carp for being with us as a sponsor for 2nd year in the row !!!

Greys of North America !!!


Greys became Winter Carp League sponsor this year !!! Many of anglers from Winter Carp League use great products of Greys and winner and 2nd place anglers from last year are proudly user of Greys rods !!! Thank You for being with us this winter !!! Special thanks to Matt (Mad Chummer) for your support !!!

Saxon Tackle !!!


Saxon is a new sponsor of Winter Carp League this year !!! Line of Saxon rods are very impressive with great reviews. Delkim alarms technologies we do not have to present, every carp anglers know this. All of those products you can get from Saxon. Go visit website: http://saxontackle.com/. Thanks Saxon for your support this year !!!

Scorpion Tackle !!!

post-4522-1289248774.png post-4522-1289249449.png

New sponsor of our League. Scorpion Tackle offers all carp fishing tackles and baits for anglers in North America. Big Belly Baits is new line of carp fishing baits: boilies and corn offered by Scorpion Tackle. Go visit website: http://www.scorpiontackle.com. Thanks Scorpion Tackle for being with us this year !!!

Media Partners of Winter Carp League 2010- 2011:

Carp Anglers Group !!!


Thanks Carp Anglers Group for media supports of Winter Carp League this year and for promoting great aspects of carp fishing in North America !!!



Thanks UsCarpPro Magazine to be our media supporter this year !!!

More sponsors are very welcome !!!

Lets support the biggest winter event in Midwest !!!

Check official website of Winter Carp League here:


Edited by Paul Sander

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Only 12 days left until Midwest Winter Carp League 2010 - 2011 start.

But organizers still work hard to bring more sponsors to support our league !!!

Just yesterday we got confirmation from company who made new, great carp fishing item, and who would like to support our Midwest Winter Carp League this year !!!

Do you guys already know SPOMB ???

Yes, producer of SPOMB became a new sponsor of Midwest Winter Carp League 2010-2011 !!!!

SPOMB is a new, revolutionary baiting system in carp fishing.


You can read more about SPOMB here:


And this is video about SPOMB:

That is not over yet, rumour is more big name sponsors will come, some of them from across the pond.

More sponsors Midwest Winter Carp League 2010 - 2011 are welcome, we look forward to work with you.

Great Job Ernest and Magda !!!

Your work is priceless for making carp fishing better in USA !!!

I am proud to be a part of this great event !!!

Edited by Paul Sander

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Just got great info !!!

We have almost 5,000.00 $ in prizes for winners and competitors of Midwest Winter Carp League 2010 - 2011 !!!

Thanks organizers for your hard work !!!

More info and details here:


Please visit our website !!!

Edited by Paul Sander

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Winter Carp League has new sponsors !!!

Scorpion Tackle and Big Belly Baits are new great sponsors of Midwest Winter Carp League 2010-2011!!!

post-4522-1289882480.png post-4522-1289882514.png

Thank You !!!

We also have great support from capitol of Carp fishig in Indiana State. Westside Bait & Tackle Store will be sponsor of Winter Carp League. Thank You Hoosier Carpers !!!


Bank Fishing System will be another year with Winter Carp League !!!


Thanks sponsors for your support !!!

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