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General Rules of Winter Carp League 2010 - 2011

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There will be 4 groups. In each group 4-5 anglers.

Group assignment will be done by drawing in a presence of 4 participants of the league two weeks before the events starts.

These are the dates for each group fish-ins:

group A - 11.7.2010/12.5.2010/1.2.2011/1.30.2011/2.27.2011/3.27.2011

group B - 11.14.2010/12.12.2010/1.9.2011/2.6.2011/3.6.2011/4.3.2011

group C - 11.21.2010/12.19.2010/1.16.2011/2.13.2011/3.13.2011/4.10.2011

group D - 11.28.2010/12.26.2010/1.23.2011/2.20.2011/3.20.2011/4.17.2011

The entry fee is $200. Who pays first, will fish in the league.

We are not going to hold a spot for anybody.

The payout is 80%. The rest (20%) covers the organizational costs and efforts.

1st place 40%

2nd place 30%

3rd place 10%

Big Fish 20%

There will be a point system this year to eliminate the difference in dates and weather conditions between groups.

Each session will give:

4 points - for the first place of total weight that day

3 points - for the second place

2 points - for the third place

1 point - for the forth place

(based on 4 angler group).

If nobody caught a fish during a session, all participants get 1 points for presence.

If someone doesn't show up - no points for him.

It is not allowed to switch during the league, no exception.

The only time you can switch is after group assignment, permanently with acceptation of the organizers.

In case some anglers will have the same number of points at the end of the league, winner will be determined be average weight of all fish caught by him during the league (not total weight).

From first to last session we will fish the canal in Milwaukee (Harley Davidson Park) unless the organizer will change the venue.

Wisconsin Fishing License is required.

3 rods with a single hook are allowed.

Carp must be hooked within 1 inch from the mouth.

We count carp over 8 lbs.

There will be no stewards during sessions, so the neighbor must confirm the weight of the fish b signing the score sheet.

Only hair rig allowed.

Slings and mats are very important. Please remember carp care is the highest standard in this league.

If someone will give up after one or few sessions the entry fee won't be reimbursed even if the wife will call me!

The entry fee must be paid in full by the day of group assignment.

please fish in area determined by pegs.

No pre baiting before 7am (start).

Peg drawing and weight scaling at 6.40 am


To avoid unnecessary conflicts between participants please respect your rivals by not fishing that venue in other days than the league.

Take a look at the area around you and even if it was dirty before you came, clean your peg the best you can.

Reminder: In Wisconsin heavy chumming isn't allowed. You take a addressability for your acts.

Please send the pictures of the fish caught during the league after each sessions to contact@wintercarpleague.com

Picture size: 600 x 800. Commentaries welcome.

If someone want to add something, it is time for it now. We can consider possible changes.

Ernest & Magda

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If both or more anglers will get same total weight of fish on the end of the day, both will get 4 points or 3 points or 2 points does not matter of total weight of fish they have caught. Ex aequo status.


1st place ex aequo total 20 lbs two anglers, both will get 4 points

3rd place total 15 lbs one angler (third angler), he will get 2 points;

4th place total 5 lbs one angler (fourth angler), he will get 1 points.

other example:

1st place one angler 45 lbs, he will get 4 point;

2nd place ex eaquo two anglers 35 lbs, they will get both 3 points;

4th place one angler 10 lbs, he will get 1 point.

other example:

1st place four anglers ex aequo 55 lbs total, all of them will get 4 points.

other example:

1st place one angler 55 lbs total, he will get 4 points;

2nd place one angler 50 lbs total, he will get 3 points;

3rd place two anglers 34 lbs total, both will get 2 points.

If two or more anglers will have same amount of points on the end of league, higher average weight of fish (total weight and total number of fish) will determine winner.

Edited by Paul Sander

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