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(RI) pickerd

December Carp

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Yes, carp can be caught here in RI in December.

I got a call the other day from a fishing buddy (striper fishing). He was quite surprised when I told him I was out carp fishing. He said he thought they only hit in the warm weather. Many fishermen seem to think the same way.

I am still fishing just about every day in a few choice spots that I bait up regularly. Today, for instance, I landed 2 mirrors and a good sized common (see pic). The action wasn't hot and heavy but it wasn't bad for December 2! I will continue to fish the carp waters of the state until the ice arrives. I have caught carp from open waters in this state every single month of the year, including January!

If you are looking for late fall and early winter tips and ideas to catch fish here in RI, check out my blog at www.ricarpfishing.blogspot.com


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