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Advanced Photography

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Here I show you the options you have when you want to take your own man/fish photo;

This is the original topic btw;


Willem showed you the possibility to take a screenshot of your video capturing.

This option to use the video function is possible, but only a HD video will offer a reasonable picture, the older type camera's generally only take 640x480 pictures, I would say totally useless. [well maybe only usefull for internet display] The HD video offers a 1920x1080 [or so] picture.

Even the full HD I consider not good enough, but its an option.

A MUCH better option is the P&S camera with the tilt and swivel LCD and remote timer function. I realize not all of those 'compacts' have the T&S LCD, nor a remote. The Canons G6, G10 and G11 all do have those options.

This is the option I use myself, using a Canon G6. It works through an Infrared Remote trigger, when you don't see the IR eye in the front of your camera, most likely your camera isn't supported.


The 10 second option is more than enough when you can use a remote.

Most Canons also have the option to take continuous shots with a few seconds interval. That would be a better option as well. I don't know about the other brands. Often you can also use a manual timer option where you decide how many seconds you need before you are ready.

A third option is the home made trigger, its a bracket that clamps over your camera that will keep a remote trigger in place, it works with an air pressure release [you press a small rubber ball with you knee]. When you are handy I'm sure you can make it yourself, but there are also ready made options;


Most DSLR's do not have a Tilt & Swivel LCD screen, there are options to attach a LCD screen to the occular of the camera, ZigView and Hahnel offer a nice but not inexpensive option.


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Here two pictures of a home made bracket to accommdate an air release trigger. Just to show how simple it can be, of course with all those different model camera's you'll have to do a bit of research.




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