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(RI) pickerd

Blackstone River Restrictions

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This week I got a ruling from the RI DEM regarding designated trout waters in the RI section of the Blackstone River. In the past we were told that posted areas and designated areas listed in the abstracts (Lincoln and Cumberland) were off limits until Opening Day (second Saturday in April). Everything else was open. It appears that has all changed. I am now told that the entire Blackstone River from Woonsocket to Pawtucket is now designated trout waters.

There are lots of implications to all this for carp fishermen and for bass fishermen. First off, you can't fish any area of the RI section of the Blackstone River until after Opening Day. Secondly, corn is now prohibited year round in all areas of the Blackstone. You are also not allowed to chum.

We live in a state where the fishing rules seem to change by the year or even by the week. And, few fishermen even know the rules since they are not clearly stated in the abstracts.

Carp fishermen can still fish for carp in the MA section of the Blackstone right now because there are no restrictions that strangle your fishing. In MA there is no Opening Day rule, no corn rules and no chumming rules. And, I might add that there is better fishing there. See you in MA in the next few weeks

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