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Some Pics From My Ccc Adventure

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Helping Bogdan net what would soon be one of the fish that helps him win the event:


Do anyone know the name of this building in the middle :D :


CCC this way!!! Dan, myself and his twin Willem :lol:


Just down from the venue:


Getting arrested by the Big Foot Cop :o


amphibious car spotted on the way home:




My best friend and loving wife:


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Nice pics. Bogdan and the rest of his crew are fun to chat with. I sure enjoyed them at the ATC. I think you may need a little longer handle on that net.

:lol: I was wooried about knocking birds out of the sky with that beast!! :D

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Great pics, Andy! The building with the diamond shaped roof is the Smurfit-Stone Building at 150 N. Michigan Ave., and that looks like Andy Burnagiel behind you during your Sunday fishing. :lol:

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