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Willem (JD)

Most Beautiful Carp In North America - Final Vote

"Most Beautiful Carp In North America"  

83 members have voted

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Our winner is the PuRpLe KoI, with 15 votes, beating the 2nd fish with 3 votes only !!! Congrats !!!


We all know this is one place where you have no real winners or losers as far as the fish are concerned. I for one wanted to vote for different fish, for different reasons. It was was of the toughest choices to make!!!

Thanks to all that voted!!!!

Lionel, please PM me your FULL NAME and ADDRESS.


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But I have to tell you, it just doesn't compare to the KOI I'm going to catch one day ~8

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Great competiton & VERY hard to decide which one should have won. If the competiton had been split into two parts 1. most beautifull & 2. most unusual, it would have still been hard :lol:

Congratulations to the winner, that fish had both beauty & it was unusual.

Thanks to all the members that entered their fish in the competiton. Its great to see so many fantasic carps here in North America. Just makes you wanna get out there & catch some more :D

Ideas for future competitions; Most attractive angler :lol:;)

Ps. i did not vote as i came to this forum after the deadline & im not a CAG member yet, but nos. 5-12 & 16 were my on my shortlist

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