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In years past it has always been somewhat of a tradition for the Hoosier Carpers to host a two man team tournament. This team tournament has always brought together some of the finest carpers from not only Indiana but from Illinois and Ohio as well to compete an a battle royal of carp fishing.

This year the tradition carries on but in a larger way with a few new twists. It is my intentions this year, as the tournament director, to make this years team tournament the best, and biggest team tournament that the State of Indiana has ever seen. Hopefully rivaling some of the top team tournaments in the nation. Along with these goals I plan on starting a new tradition for the Hoosier Carpers and the State of Indiana.

It brings me great pleasure to announce the 2012 Hoosier Carpers Team Tournament, now officially dubbed the Hoosier Carpers Team Classic!!!!!!!

Tight Lines!

Jathan Imhausen

HCTC Tournament Director

Tournament info and Itinarary:

This will be a two man team tournament lasting a total of 36 hours spanning over three days. The total weight of all common, mirror, and koi carp will count. Buffalo and Grass Carp will not count towards your total weight.

Location of Tournament: Madison Indiana on the Ohio River.

The Tournament will take place along West and East Vaughn Drive, and run the whole stretch of river between the 421 Bridge and Vernon Street.

Dates of the tournament are: August 10th, 11th and 12th, 2012.

Times of the tournament are:

Sign in for roll call: 7:30pm Friday August 10th

Peg Draw and Roll Call begins promptly at: 8:00pm Friday August 10th

Prebaiting starts at: 10:00pm Friday August 10th.

Fishing commences at exactly: 12:00am Saturday August 11th.

Fishing ends at exactly: 12:00pm Sunday August 12th.

Awards Ceremony will last about an hour and promptly begin at 1:30pm Sunday August 12th.

30 Team Limit

Entry Fee: $250 per team

$100 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit is required to reserve your team a spot.***

You may sign up with a TBA (To be announced partner) however you still must pay the $100 NR deposit.

Payout will be 80% of total entry fees with over 100% payout including Trophies and Door Prizes!

Payouts Based on a 30 team field:

1st Place: $2100 and Trophies

2nd Place: $1500 and Trophies

3rd Place: $900 and Trophies

4th Place: $600 and Medals

1st Place Big FIsh: $600 and Trophy

2nd Place Big Fish: $300 and Trophy

There will be a side pot for the Biggest Buffalo caught.

Cost: $10 per person


Tournament Sponsors:

Westside Bait and Tackle (Jim Donlan)

More Sponsors may be obtained and added as the season progresses. So keep a watch out for possible new sponsors jumping on board.

Registration will begin May 1st at 7:00am.***

Registration and all balances due ends July 23rd 7:00pm***

None will be taken after that date!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Options to Register and Pay:

You may register in person and pay the $100 NR deposit or pay the $250 entry fee in full at West Side Bait and Tackle.

You may mail in your $100 NR deposit or $250 entry fee along with a registration form and both teammates Waiver of Liability forms if you choose to include the Waivers at that time to West Side Bait and Tackle.

You may make a payment using your credit card and register over the phone by calling West Side Bait and Tackle. You can not Register over the phone without making a payment.

A $5.00 non-negotiable fee will be charged for credit card payments over the phone.

Please make checks and money orders payable to Westside Bait and Tackle.

Westside Bait and Tackle

1507 West Vermont Street

Indianapolis, IN 46222

Phone: (317) 636-6236

A downloadable and printable Registration Form and Waiver of Liability form will be made available online here at www.indianacarptalk.invisionzone.com when the may 1st registration starts.

A Waiver of Liability form must be completed for each team member and signed by both team members and turned in prior to the start of the tournament. You may turn it in the day of the tournament. No waiver you do not participate till you get one signed!***

Anything with asterisks *** behind it will be further explained in the rules and regulations. So I encourage all of you who want to sign up to READ IT!!!!!!

10 alternate teams will be allowed to sign up after the field of 30 teams is filled.***

Tournament Director reserves the right to be able to fish the tournament with a partner as a regular paying team. All rules and regulations will apply.

If you have any questions please contact me at jath08@yahoo.com.

Rules and Regulations

Registration, Payments and Entry fees:

Registration will begin May 1st at 7:00am. No registrations or deposits will be taken prior to that date. At the time of registration if you choose not to pay the entry fee in full a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve your teams spot. This deposit will be applied towards your entry fee.

Example: $250 Entry fee

-100 NR Deposit

$150 Total Balance Due by end of registration period.

If you pay the full $250 dollar entry fee when your team registers and you decide to backout before the July 23rd deadline the you will be refunded $150, which will be the balance left after taking out the $100 NR deposit.

The final date to have all monies paid in full and to have your team registered is July 23rd by 7:00pm. After that date no registrations or monies will be accepted. That includes the day of the tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

If your team has paid in full by the July 23rd deadline and your team ( both registered teammates) does not show up to fish the tournament or both registered teammates decides to back out/withdraw from the tournament after the July 23rd deadline, the entire entry fee will be forfeited and NO REFUNDS will be given. If a team loses a team member and the remaining team member still wants to fish no refunds will be given to the team member not fishing. The remaining team member reserves the right to either find a replacement team member or fish by themselves. (Three poles only in accordance with Indiana law). All money disputes between team members will be handled outside the affairs of the HCTC tournament..

The $100 NR deposit, stringent due date and no refunds after July 23rd is to insure there is a field of 30 teams participating in the tournament.

Alternate Teams: If the field of 30 teams is full before the deadline of July 23rd then 10 alternate teams will be allowed to sign up. No money is required as an alternate team. However your team must be able to pay the full entry upfront when notified if a team drops out before July 23rd. After an alternate team submits the entry fee all rules and regulations will apply.

In the event a team drops out after the deadline date an alternate team will be able to take that teams place, however they must pay the $250 entry fee as well. The order of alternate teams will be determined by who registers first and will go in order of registration from there.

Peg Draw: This will be a totally blind peg draw consisting of a two part process which is as follows.

Every team member will fill out a slip of paper with both team members name on it. All filled out slips will then be put into a bucket and then randomly be drawn out. This will determine who goes 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. Once you and your teammates names are drawn both of you will come up and draw out two balls from a bag. AT that point you and your team mate will have 30 seconds to make a decision and choose which peg you want to take. Whatever peg you don't choose will be thrown back into the bag to be drawn again. By doing this you could be the last person to draw a peg and still wind up with an end peg or a prime peg.

If you cant be at the 8:00pm peg draw or are late and not present for roll call both teammates name will be printed on the order draw slip thrown into the bucket to be called up to draw pegs. When your names are called to draw and choose a peg and neither teammate is still not present, one single ball will be drawn for your team and that will be your assigned peg number. Your team will forfeit the right to choose between two pegs if both teammates are not present when your names are called. If one teammate is present however by the time your teams names are called he or she may draw out two pegs and make the decision on which peg to take.

Weigh-In procedure: All fish will be weighed by a official Weigh Master and recorded on a weigh sheet assigned to your teams peg. A signature or initials of both the weigh master and one team member are required to validate the recorded weight of a fish. All scales used will be CHUB digital scales and will be tested against each other to insure accurate calibration and weights. A weigh sling will be wetted down and then zeroed out on the scales to insure accurate weighing.

Weigh Masters will make rounds and conduct a weigh in every six hours of the tournament. Unless a big fish is caught and its in danger of dying or unless your teams keep sack is getting to full and there is a risk of any fish dying or getting injured. At that point its at your teams discretion to notify a Weigh Master in some fashion to conduct a weigh in. Weigh Masters will have two way radios tuned to channel 3.

Dead fish WILL NOT COUNT and your team will be penalized one pound for each dead fish in your keep Sack!!

In the event that no Weigh Masters are secured for the dates of the tournament, a self -scoring system will be implemented. Details will be announced if the need arises.

Other rules and regulations:

1.. Winners will be determined by total weight caught.

2. Only common, mirror and koi carp will count for total weight.

3.. Carp Keep sacks will be required to hold fish until weigh master arrives to weigh. (Available for $15)

4.. You will be allowed to have a net man/runner to help with netting and handling of a fish. The runner/net man MAY NOT touch poles or reels in any fashion. Only the two registered team members may touch a pole.

5. All Indiana Laws apply. Must have a valid Indiana Fishing License. However,Kentucky residents who have a valid Kentucky fishing license will fall under the Indiana/Kentucky reciprocating license agreement for the Ohio River. Net man/runner does not have to have a valid Indiana fishing license. May use up to three fishing poles. One hook per line. (no treble hooks.)

6. Good etiquette is required. No Profanity. No Loud Music. Must keep area free of trash and carry all trash out with you.

7. Good Carp Care is of the utmost importance and is highly stressed.

8. The use of knotless nets are highly encouraged but not required.

9. Tournament director and/or one Weigh Master will have final say on any issues that may arise.

10. Any violations of the rules or regulations will be subject to disqualifacation of both team members at the discretion of the tournament director or a penalty of 10 pounds deducted from total weight of caught fish per incident. After two incidents your team is automatically disqualified and no refunds will be given.

11. Acts of cheating, violence, and blatant disregard for the tournament rules by either team member will be grounds for automatic disqualifacation and removal from the tournament. No refunds will be given.

12. The use of Bait Boats or personal watercraft of any kind is not permitted.

Edited by Jathan

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sounds good i may just have to put this one on the calender...

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WTG! Jathan. Tracy here. Hoosier events are always fun and well run. Since I haven't fished this event in the past, I'll be attending. I better start looking for a partner because they'll go fast as will those 30 spots. later

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Love to have all you guys attend.

WTG! Jathan. Tracy here. Hoosier events are always fun and well run. Since I haven't fished this event in the past, I'll be attending. I better start looking for a partner because they'll go fast as will those 30 spots. later

I'm hoping all the spots will go fast. You have about a month and a half till registration opens up on May 1st to find a partner. We've always had a team tournament in the past years but nothing on a scale this large. Hope to make it a yearly reocurring thing.

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Great work, Jathan! Jim and Frank Rink are in! --Frank

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I'm in, and I'm bringing a secret weapon, err I mean partner.

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Alright everyone just a reminder, Tuesday(tomorrow!!!!) May the 1st is the beginning of registration for the Hoosier Carpers Team Classic on the Ohio River in Madison Indiana on August 10th, throught the 12th.I now have the Registration forms, the Waiver of Liability Forms and the Official Rules and Regulations available in a PDF format to download, print out and either mail in to Westside Bait and Tackle or drop them off there. All these forms will also be available to fill out in person at Westside Bait and Tackle. The PDF format downloads will be posted on a seperate topic.

SO Get Ready, Get Set and Start Registering at 7:00am Tuesday, May1st!!

The 30 Team Spots will go quick so make sure you get registered!!!

You will have until July 23rd 7:00pm to get registered and have all your entry fees paid in full.

Please NOTE!!! You will not be added to the list of participating teams until either your $100 Non-refundable deposit has been received or your $250 dollar payment in full has been received.

If you pay by personal check you will not be added until your check has cleared.

If you choose to pay over the phone by credit card you will still have to download, fill out and mail in the registration forms by the July 23rd registration deadline. Once a credit card payment by phone has been received you will be added to the list of participants. Dont forget a $5 service charge will be applied for each payment that you make over the phone with a credit card.

Failure to complete and return the registration forms and/or have any remaining balance due paid by July 23rd, 7:00pm will render participants ineligible to participate in the Hoosier Carpers Team Classic and any deposits will be forfeited.

Edited by Jathan

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