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Neil Stern

Omg---Remember The "flying Monkeys" At The Atc ?

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Just got a call from a buddy, looks like there will be flying somethings in your buckets at the ATC

could be Monkeys, Could be Frogs, Could be Chickens, or could be a mixture of all of them, or could be just monkeys???? but everyone registered will get one....what the heck, this is the last ATC that I'll do so???? why not??

Don't know what they are????ask someone that had attended an ATC that I did about 5 years ago , matter of fact, if I'm not mistaken Paul, over at Wacker Baits, programmed one of the alarms he sells(FLAZJER) with the "flying scream" :)post-710-0-79326800-1352375396.jpg

worth registering just to get one of these :) :) :)

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yeppers. all the way to AUSTIN,,,,,,,,,,these are good Monkeys, not the bad kind :)

confirmed,,,,Chickens and Frogs and Monkeys,,,,,,luck of the draw in the buckets,,,,,

pics on Sodahead

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