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F F F 2005 - Memories

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Given the success of the first year, we had to do it again. And this time, more time was allocated to organize and advertize the event. This definitely paid off, here is a quote from my report after the event. Even Phonebush fished that day!


Final tally appears to be:
85 participants, 18 states!
124 carp caught, approximately 1140 pounds...
Best states in terms of participation were Illinois (14) and Texas (12).

Dean Hill beat everybody to the punch by catching a carp in Arizona just a few minutes after midnight. Oh, and he also won the monster award with a 20 pounder.


Richie Elderidge in Ohio found a way to catch an amazingly small carp, 1lb and 9oz, no more! Can't find the pic, sorry.

Scott Osmond in MA and Dean Hill (him again) shared the emperor's award title. Hey, and I was third! We had a lot of ice in MA, and just a few water openings, so we took turns fishing and ended up doing quite well!


Here is a photo album with plenty of great pics from the event.

The most striking story of the year was probably young Amber. She went fishing on Jan 1st, her dog fell in an ice hole and... she jumped in the freezing water after him! Unbelievable... Here is the corresponding thread with her story.

Finally, we decided to act a little bit goofy that year. First off, we had an especially designed CAG Santa Hat!


Next, we had a goofy picture contest. The guys from Indiana won hands on with this terrific submission. Makes me smile every time I look at it.


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