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Ol Captain

No Education without Application!

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I was privileged this Mother’s Day weekend to spend some quality time with my two youngest grandsons. Gage “Frog” Brown will be 5 years old come Labor Day.


His sidekick in crime is his 16 month old younger brother, Carter “Tadpole” Brown.


Like most brothers they are the same in some ways yet vastly different in many others. While Carter at times leans toward the swinging, biker, athletic type, his older is already showing himself to be a brilliant student of letters and books!!





Now folks, while “Tadpole” is still in his formative years, 4 ½ year old Gage is already destined to be a great mind! He loves the outdoors and loves books as well. In fact he may have more volumes than our own Library of Congress!! But (change of direction) as his “Pap” and mentor of sorts I just had to share this idea with him this weekend. I said “Gage, there is “No Education without Application!” And with this thought we headed out the door!

I love to read and I have spent many an hour with a wide variety of books. But tempered with the reading have been many years of on hand experience that brought these books and stories to life!!

For instance, you can read about Earthworms, Crickets and snails all day long but until you’ve held one or had one crawl up your britches you really haven’t learned at all!






You can also read stories about sitting beside a babbling brook but until you’ve sat there and heard it for yourself while contemplating life and eating cold popcorn you really haven’t learned a thing.




You may have scanned volumes of “Google Images” to see what an Eel, a Bass or a Bream looks like but once you’ve experienced them first hand, you will NEVER be the same!!





Finally, you may read about God’s beautiful creation and look at all the pictures in the world but once you see them and touch them first hand you will truly understand.




A final plus of this first hand experience is a certain smile on the face and a piece of mind and sweet dreams all the way home.



Books are wonderful folks but what is a letter without a sentence? What is a sentence without a paragraph that expresses something dear to your heart? If you want education then give it application!!

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Great family post.

Your final words are awesome

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