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Carping Washington State

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Cant believe i miss this thread!!! Good luck fishing out there lets see some pics Washingtoncarper:D i have noticed over the last several years ALMOST all lakes in the usa have the same strain of carp. Except some places where there is absolute monsters. But most places have the same starin im talking about. Some have had some 30s maybe 40s and it seems just by the shape of the fish they are only able to get so big to begin with. So something in the 30s or 40s is spectacular for those lakes just a theory. I have only caught so many 30s in area lakes around me. But even fish in the 7-teens show the shape of the fish that im yalking about. 

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Oh definitly I'm totally Down for that  I'm unemployed at the moment so I'm always free. I'm always looking for someone to fish with. I really started fishing for carp for the size and I can't afford a fishing license. So I just fish for carp since I don't have one

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