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Fish In, TJ Evans, 6-7 Sep 2013

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Just wanted to say thanks to all who attended this weekend...had a most enjoyable time.

Friday...starting about 3 pm I pulled in right behind a station wagon...George and his wife. Not long after came Larry and Phil Davenport. Fishing was very slow with Larry catching the only carp for the evening. We all fished til 9 pm or so...sure cooled down, went to 46 over night.

Saturday...arrived at 6:45, no carpers there yet, cool foggy morning...but everyone soon started to arrive. Rob, Phill and his wife, George and his wife, Phil Davenport, Larry, Bill Dee (new carper) all attended saturday. Vince, who had a birthday party to attend, took the time to drop in and visit for a couple hours.

Phill Davies caught 1st fish of the day..fishing the quarry on the opposite side of the picnic area. Found a sand bar and I think ended up with 3 before being visited by about 30 paddle fish.

HOT Rod for the day was Rob, 7 I think. Rob fished his swim perfectly casting out about every 15 mins to get his swim started (pre-baiting, chumming, broadcast feeding not allowed here so that's the only way to do it)...those new 13' rods seemed to work great as he worked the far bank.

Around 1 pm we started the grills and cooked up some Johnsonville brats and compliments of Larry some 1/4 lb bacon/cheese burgers. Thanks to everyone contributing we had plenty of good food to fill the plates and dress the sandwiches...including 3 desserts.

One of the highlights for me this weekend was the showing of a new member Bill, Delaware, Oh who contacted me via PM on the CAG forum. He had just started into carp fishing a couple weeks ago and was interested in seeing equipment and bait we all used. THANKS EVERYBODY...for the time you spent making him feel welcome and part of the group. Y'all did so well he's planning on attending the Rayland Fish In; barring work. Found out the reason he was so late...he's getting married soon and had some pre-wedding chores to take care off with the soon to be Mrs.

SPECIAL NOTE: Bill Dee recognized our own YOU TUBE celebrity...Vince..as he had viewed some of his videos. Also a big fan of Brian W. and his great videos.

Anywho...had a great time; sorry the fish didn't cooperate more (it really is a great producing venue) and hope that no one is suffering from sunburn too bad today...saw a few sunburnt faces. LOL

SPECIAL thanks...when I left about 10 pm I went into the BBQ shelter and walked the banks where all had fished....DID NOT FIND ONE BIT OF TRASH OR FISHING LINE. Proud to call you friends.

Here's some pics I took...sorry didn't get pics of all as I was holding out for a fish pic but with all the cameras I saw going I'm sure we'll have a good composite once everyone else posts up theirs.

Next stop CCC in Indy...I know of 6 of us going, possibly 7. Then comes Rayland in Oct. Til next time...good fishing to ya.








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