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Jeremy Burdine

Indianapolis water canal

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Burned a vacation day to hit the canal. I awoke to storms and sever lighting. After the worst passed I headed out. It was still raining when I got to the swim. So I put on the rain gear and got to it. Shortly after getting some bait in the water the rain stopped and the magic started to happen. I had a 10 lber on the bank with in 30 minutes. Not to long after that I had a screaming run. I hooked up and the fight was on. Only problem is that the hook pulled at the net. That one was a high teen maybe a 20. But the heart break was soon over when the alarm sounded and after a long hard fight. I had banked a new PB! A nice and healthy 20 lber. After weighing and a pic I successfully released the fish. A vacation day well spent!


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