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A blast from the past, where it all began! Stanborough Lakes

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Whilst trolling youtube for my weekly dose of carp videos I stumbled across the latest from UK carp tackle company, Korda. It grabbed my attention immediately due to the title "A Day Carp Fishing On Stanborough with Team Korda's James Armstrong". The question you may ask, is why ?

Stanborough Lakes was first place I ever fished for carp. You could say, this is where my carping passion was born.

As a child growing up over in the UK. I caught my first ever carp from that lake, my first river carp from the River Lea that runs past it. I spent many long days during summer holidays waiting patiently with lines out in the water for the carp to bite – that’s when I could get through the bream, tench, barbel, other “nuisance” fish that frequent these waters. I learned how to cast, float fish, free-line, all the basic skills. Thankfully the lake was but 4-5 miles, depending on the route, from my home. I actually used to walk to the lake in the early morning hours, carrying my backpack and rods - my family did not own a car (I know, horrific!). Sometimes, pocket money allowing, I was able to catch the bus home again.

Here's the video link for reference:

Seeing it now, some 40 years almost since I first started fishing, it was nice to be reminded where my fishing passion really started.

Apologies for my nostalgic moment - I just had to share it with you all.



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Cool Vid.... It was over 45yrs ago I started carp fishing at Copped Hall Lake in Epping and like you John I also used to fish the River Lea, Happy memories. Thanks for the post.

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Ah yes memory Lane is a good trip . Remember being 15 and walking down to my carp venue also . Great times . sometimes I would take a bike . Same as you , with backpack and rod . (not even a net ) Enjoyed the write up . Thanks and cheers John :party0012icon:

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