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The FFF Building

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The FFF being such a venerable institution now, somebody 'French' dedicated a building to its name... Check it out!


PS. this is located in Manhattan on the Fifth Ave, of course.

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And oh, since this is primarily an office building, and since CAG is now flush with money (right?), I don't think that the rent at $50/SF should be any problem for setting up our new headquarters. There is some space available: 10,000 SF should do?


With a really big reel and a really big cast, we might be able to reach the Hudson river from one of the top floors, right?


And the lobby is pretty cool too.


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And here is the door to the future office of the CAG president... What do you say? Should we put it to a vote?


PS. oops, sorry, this is the door of the elevator!

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