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Time has come for some fishing and hanging out. I started doing something for work that will give me a lot of free time since my deployment to Afghanistan got cancelled. Lets get something organized in Socal and catch come fish. Need suggestions for venue, etc...

I am also interested in Martinez lake in AZ. There is a military resort that has cabins on the water on the north side of the lake. Might be good for a weekend trip. It's about 35 miles north of Yuma.

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I to am interested in fishing with people from SoCal. I have tried to post in SoCal carp but no one replies. I live right above silverwood lake. If you don't know that's in the inland empire area such as San Bernardino and Ontario etc. I am willing to meet and hang out to fish some good spots if anyone is interested and love to share a spot and fish I will be willing to go. I am trying silverwood and would love to find them. Pm me thanks.

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