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2014 CAG/Hoosier Carper social fishin schedule

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Hey everyone, here is the schedule for the CAG socials that will be held this year

April 12-Lake Salinda 8am to 6pm

June 7/8-Lake Monroe overnighter at Moore’s creek 12pm-12pm

October 11/12-Sylvan Lake overnighter 8am on the 11th to 12pm on the 12th

December 31st/January 1st FFF social at Turtle Creek

Since I am kind of late getting this out I did my best to work around the schedules of all the various groups putting on events this year, if there is any scheduling conflicts I do apologize. I put this schedule together myself with some input from others; next year I would like to put together the schedule as a group like has been done in years past.

I am working on obtaining some medals that will be awarded for biggest fish from CAG, if that doesn’t work out I will work on getting plaques made like what has been handed out in the past. Instead of biggest fish, will probably do an award for most fish caught for the turtle creek social.

I will bring my grill and some hot dogs or bratwurst to each social, if anyone would like to pitch in any food or beverages that would be great. There will be a roll call thread started a couple weeks prior to each social where this can be discussed further.

I will not be organizing any cash side pots, but if anyone else wants to do that that is fine.

If anyone has any questions, let me know. I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds, hopefully winter gets packing soon and we will be out on the bank before we know it!

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Yea Guys. hope to make more of these this year. I will for sure be at Salinda. Any way i can help just let me know. I may try and bivvy up fri night before the social on sat. If you want to join me just let me know. I will do some pre baiting before the social

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