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Don Geidel

Looking for snowbird carp venues

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My wife and I live in Washington state and feel compelled to bail out for warmer weather each January. For the last two years, including this one, we've come to the Austin, TX area to enjoy the weather and fish Lady Bird Lake. Next year we're hoping to find another warm weather carp venue to spend January-February-March.

Specifically, we're looking for nice weather venues with good numbers of carp and a decent chance at 20 pound commons. RV parks must be relatively close to the fishing (within 15-20 minutes drive of the venue). Austin certainly fits all of our criteria and the Austin Carp Anglers have been wonderful in assisting us. We're not limited to Texas - any state which has the warm winter weather and the carp would work. The more options you can give us the better. Thanks in advance for your suggestions and advice.

Don Geidel

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