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ROLL CALL! Sign up here for the Lake Sylvan social!

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Please post up here if you plan on attending the social at lake Sylvan in Rome City Oct. 11/12. The social will start on 8am the 11th and end at noon the 12th. We will be fishing at the dam, I was able to speak to an appointed HOA member on the phone earlier this evening that assured me fishing overnight would not be a problem but to make sure we don't get any locals worked up I ask that we all refrain from setting up any bivvies or bonfires. I plan on making a pot of chili to share with everyone, if anyone else would like to bring anything be sure to post it up. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

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I'm giving the shoulder a test run this weekend so all being well I'll see you there Derek. How about I bring cornbread to go with that chilli?

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