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Grass Carp - short evening session

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Went south to a small spring fed lake with a history of aquatic vegetation issues that sports a population of White Amur Grass Carp or Grassies/Grassers as we call them. They range from about 24 inches up to 40 at least since I have caught a couple that long. Most are between 32” and 38” with the weights averaging mid to high teens and the occasional twenty something pounder.

Got a bit of a late start and still hit traffic...nearly turned around at the conveniently located Cabela’s exit but kept on going.

It’s a 44 mile one way trip so I was hoping with the recent cool temps at night there would still be a chance at locating and capturing maybe three or two of dem skittish rascals.

Got a line in the water by 8pm and a fish on within a half hour. Not bad, especially since the swim I picked had a very pesky and territorial Muskrat parading back and forth in front of me and crossing my line at least 20 times. It finally relented and worked the bank 15 yards down from me.

The first fish felt pretty good and I had switched from one of my shorter kayak rods to a Gloomis 1024, 8’6” foot, fast action, medium power, steelhead/salmon rod. Freelining bread crust was the tactic and this rod was up to the task. The extra two and a half feet of length gave me better accurate casting plus shore line weed clearance when I walked out of the swim to play the fish away from the others feeding in it.

Second fish an hour later - they were wary from the addition of lighted Christmas float decorations of enormous size (barges) recently added all over the lake’s surface - felt like a catfish as I could tell some were moving in and surface feeding on the scraps. The cats make a completely different take on floating bread than grassies and once they move in it’s over unless catfish becomes the target.

Turned out to be a Junior Grassie in the 8 pound and 24 inch range. Reeled him in, nettted, photo’d and called it good. A herd of ducks paddled into the swim and wreaked havoc on everything. The temps dropped down to the low 40s with a mountain breeze chilling the air to brisk and my toesies was cold. Just might be one more Grass Carp Session left in the year before they go into slow mode and the Christmas floats light up the night.




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Good looking grassies! Gotta be fun to catch!

Oh they definitely are. Day or night, better yet on my kayak. Night Grassies are much more unnerving because of their sometimes raucous, swooshing takes. They do the same in daylight but you can see and anticipate them. This one was 34 inches and 25#.


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Love the last pic girthy grassy !!! always a crowd pleaser .

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