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The 2015 Midwest Regional "Trilogy" May 2nd & 3rd

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Hello Hello again Midwest carpers,

This Regional is designed and intended for you and your fellow State representatives to work together as a team, have fun and socialize while doing your best to catch some hogs! Think about and discuss with your teammates what to do for lunch on the bank, where to go after day one ends to catch up and socialize and of course team strategy on how to catch the 10 biggest fish in that river.

Here is a brief description of the event held on the Saginaw river between Bay City and Saginaw:

We have 4 States being Represented; Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. Each State may have up to 20 Registered CAG Members making up their team. A Registered Reserve list will start if a State sells out and the first reserve on the list would replace anyone dropping out.

What is at stake is State Pride, Bragging rights and a HUGE travelling Trophy. The Angler who catches the largest carp on the winning team will go home with the trophy unless that person elects to give the trophy to another on their team.

World Classic Baits has also signed on as an Event Sponsor and will also have 2 other trophies up for grabs. Whomever catches the Largest Common Carp and Largest Mirror Carp will receive a very nice trophy from World Classic Baits.

There is a $15 Registration fee that will 100% be used towards Raffle items. The raffle will be conducted after the Trophy presentation.

Your state goal is to work together to catch the 10 largest carp in the river and those 10 carp's total weight will be up against the other states 10 largest carp's total weight. Yes, you can bump off any fish that is on your State top 10 if a bigger fish is caught.

This is a 2 day event, May 2nd & 3rd. On May 1st I will be on site and putting up orange flags that will represent the beginning and end of each "Zone". Anyone is welcomed to come along and ask questions. I will update this thread as to when I will start in case you want to meet up.

A "Zone" is the stretch of River that your State will fish within. There will be more zones than teams. No team will be able to fish the same zone 2 days in a row.

Each morning we will have the "Zone Draw" at 6am, Each State name will be put onto paper and put into a bucket. Each Zone location will be put into a separate bucket. First State name out of the bucket gets to pick a random zone from the other bucket. On day 2 if a state picks the same zone, they will pick again.

Following the Zone Draw, I will ask each State if they wish to conduct a peg draw for within their zone. If the State does not want a peg draw, then they can proceed to their zone and start setting up. If the State does want a peg draw then I will have the materials there to do one. Names go into a bucket and the first name out gets peg one and so on. Peg one would start at the furthest east zone boundary and go to the west zone boundary. If your fishing with one or more other anglers from your state then add everyone's name onto one slip of paper. Once that slip is selected and it has 4 names, they will get the next 4 pegs. If your state wishes to have the peg draw at your zone, once everyone has a look at it, then materials can go with you to do your own peg draw at your zone.

Lines in at 7am...aka start of the event.

Day one will end at 7pm and day two will end at 4pm. If a fish is being played prior to the end time, it will count.

After day two ends at 4pm, we will meet in Bay City on the Island for the Trophy presentation, group pictures and Raffle. Directions will be handed out at the Zone draw. It is also the location of one of the Zones.

At the Zone draw on day one I will select 2 or more anglers from each state that I will appoint as the Marshals for your State. Any fish caught must be recorded by these individuals and reported to me. This is an honor system and should anyone be caught fudging a weight they will disqualify not only themselves, but the entire State they represent. You will be disgraced to no end....

I will do my best to work with others to post up State Standings on the CAG forum on a regular basis. I highly encourage Teams to post pics and your own updates to rattle the other teams :)

After the end of Day one, many folks wish to meet up with others, grab dinner, have a drink and socialize. There is no one place that is set up for as large a group as we will have so I ask that each state organize your own outing and post up invites and info as to where you will be.

Are you in?

Registered participants thus far:


1. Daniel Slaby

2. Andy Sprinkle

3. Brian Pearcy

4. Ciprian Muresan

5. Paul Cienciera

6. Brian Sherwood

7. Tom Daugherty

8. Brian Daugherty

9. Bill Wazelle

10. Austin Pass

11. Brendan Pass

12. Darin Thompson

13. Nik Williams

14. Drew Nichols

15. Kyle Evans

16. Andrew Solomon

17. Brandon Hall

18. Calin Brindusan

19. Lucian Gizel

20. Jacob Sullivan


1. Amos Behanna

2. Paige Behanna

3. Jathan Imhausen

4. Roy Buchanan

5. Gilbert Huxley

6. Tony Lett

7. Tom Montez

8. Roy Klinger

9. Drew Behanna

10. Danny Burke

11. Adam Vaseloff

12. Terry McGaw

13. Destinie Vaughn

14. Steven Brandenburg

15. Alex Larr

16. Marshall Burba

17. Chad Harper

18. Amanda Behanna


1. Vince Shiflet

2. Bob Bernowski

3. Craig Welch

4. Shawn Woerlein

5. Dick Laubscher

6. Lorene Laubscher

7. Phil Davenport

8. Robert Shiflet

9. Timothy Miller

10. Michael Alloway

11. Matthew Hollar

12. Joshua Baird

13. Phyllis Miller

14. Christian Webber

15. Bill Syler

16. Patricia Delaney

17. Suzan Thompson

18. Tricia Guenther


1. Marcin Sydlowski

2. Henry Burza

3. Andrzej Burnagiel

4. Michal Gliksman

5. Istvan Gyori

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Put me in.

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I'm in!

Thanks for putting it on again this year. Really enjoyed myself last year and learned a lot with it being my first fishing competition. I will come prepared next year to help Ohio take home the trophy!

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I'm signed up too. Really looking forward to this awesome event, many thanks Andy!

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Great stuff guys, already 12 signed up between 3 of the 4 states. Will update the first post on this thread with the registered participants.

Any questions on anything pertaining to the event, fire away.

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Add me to the Indiana roster. I'm already paid up and ready to go. I hope it's a little warmer this year than it has been the last two. Either way, I'm fishing.

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