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Once Upon a Time on March 12

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Once Upon a Time on March 12, 2015

Once upon a time there were four pseudo prominent geriatric gentlemen and a middle aged dog. They were from L-R: Jim “Hatman” Hatter (with the Hound), Tim “Cool Dad” Gill, the Ol Captain himself and Bobby “Carp Chaser” Cochran.


This so called “Crew” gathered this morning in Douglasville, Georgia with plans set to head west in hot pursuit of some finicky and fickle giant sized Grass Carp (White Amur).

After setting up some random photos were taken and shortly afterwards the friendly banter and bank talk (along with the usual waiting game) began.







Topics of discussion today varied from preferred baits and strategies to who would be anglers today and who would be net boys. Lots of speculation was shared about the difference between a true “talker” and a “doer.” After such discussion lunches were eaten and this wise old bunch dozed, bragged and waited some more.

Without going into all the gory details I am simply going to report the facts. Fact #1 is that there were four “anglers” today and only two caught fish while two did not. Fact #2 is that the two fished combined for a total of 58 pounds!

Fact #3 is that Ol Dizzy Dean was right once again when he said “If you can do it, it ain’t braggin’!” Folks, sometimes you just have to print the facts, posts the pictures, and let the Puffs and Strawberry Grits fall where they may. Who caught fish today? I thought you’d never ask…….



Come see us for yourself folks. You will find out quickly while others may put their thumbs on the scales we only release the facts!


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I want to catch one of those.

Brian: If you can get to the Atlanta Airport the rest will be on the house! (and I'm the house)

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Unfortunately, we're about 4 years too late. My sister in law lived in Kennesaw for almost 10 years. We were there several times each year, but they relocated a couple of years back. But you never know...I have learned first hand that the unexpected happens quite regularly. I have moved more than once on short notice with my employer and it just might happen again. If I get to the area sometime I will definitely touch base and see if I can do some fishing for a nice grasser.

I enjoy your posts and I recently started checking out your videos. You guys have it figured out!

And if you ever get to Michigan and want to try some carp fishing we have plenty of guys to help you find the fish.

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