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Another great weekend in Ohio

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A few CAG members had an impromptu social event in NE Ohio that's still going on, full of fun and camaraderie for anglers and families. Some real nice fish were caught too.




Tim with his first grassy 46.1


Then beating it with a 58.1 Outstanding!



A pb common for Scott at 23lb


A torpedo 23lber for Vince


Elsewhere Joshua is hoping for a biggy


Rob getting into a nice 19lb + mirror in central Ohio

Tim with a beautiful grassy at 41.4



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Had a great weekend of fishing. Every time I had a run, there was a thought in the back of my head that it could be one of those big Amur's. I ended up with a few commons, couple catfish and my first Amur which I believe was around 16 pounds. It also had the "broken spine syndrome."

Thanks to everyone who brought food for the cookout and a big thank you to Karrie for cooking it all for us.

I'm sure I will be back up there in the future.

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I don't know what bait these guys were using but I've caught them on maize and boilies in the past. I hear bread is a great bait for them on the top too.

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Do these Amur's feed on the same baits are other carp?

I believe mine was caught on field corn topped off with a piece of foam soaked in anise. I'm not sure what the 46 and 58 were caught on. I would imagine field corn or boiles. I believe he was chumming with field corn.

So short answer is yes.

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