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Summer tactics for MN carp

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Last weekend I had non stop action in the river (carp and cats).

Last night I fished a small lake for 4-5 hours . Carp could be seen everywhere. I always fish rivers and have never actually caught a lake carp intentionally.

I knew my chum was working since I could see carp activity in my targeted spots. I tried everything, not nothing worked. Sometime small was chewing up my boilies (small turtles?) so I switched to flavored puffs and sweet corn. I finally foul hooked a 1lb carp. Other than that, no action. I knew they were feeding heavily on my small area of chum and the bite alarm beeped constantly with minor bumps. I switched to a shorter hair rig and smaller bait presentation, thinking it might get a smaller carp to pick up the bait but ..nothing.

What's working for you guys. It's in the mid 80's out here and carp are surfacing all over but not taking bait. Are any specific flavors working? Is a heavier scent or lighter scent working for these fish?

Am always up for learning more about lake carp...

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I haven't been out to the cabin all week. I'm going tomorrow. If the Algae has cleared I'll fish and see what's what. I pass the cabin on my way to work. I'll leave early to stop and throw a couple chum blocks in just in case.

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Please take what I have to say in mind that i have never even been to MN lol

But in the summer, I've found Lake carp are extremely picky in the summer simply because they don't feed as much with the water temp being so high..

I've had great success with smaller bait presentations mixed with an artificial to make it pop out.

Might go with an artificial piece of corn " pink and white have been hot" and then one piece of maize.

just because its a smaller presentation doesn't mean a big carp wont take the bait.


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Ugh went by the cabin and the lake is still green :( On a positive note our new septic tank was installed.

Still might try fishing tomorrow.

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