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November 2015

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Due to an extended warm period, the fishing remains decent. I am still managing to catch multiple fish in each session in the central Ohio region. The areas that have been productive are:

Oshaunessy Reservoir-nothing remarkable in size but consistent low double digit fish caught with prepped field corn along with a small caged method feeder (primarily to attract) of oat pack

Griggs Reservoir-same as Oshaunessy

Alum Creek-no information

Hoover--will be fishing this weekend

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Well done on the captures, the weather this month has definetly helped keep the carp feeding. I've seen a lot of guys catching well lately. If you have pictures it would be great if you could post them up. Good luck up at Hoover, I'm very interested in how you do. I fished up there many years ago and didn't do that great but I'm sure there are some good sized carp in there.

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Good report. Beats getting blanked like I did yesterday. FWIW, I used to water ski on all those lakes back in the 50s. I wonder how many big carp I passed over and didn't know it.

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