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Over the past year we had been experimenting with the WaterWolf underwater camera system. This year we acquired the "bottom kit" for it, which allows it to be used in a more carp-safe manner, much like a lead safety clip (be warned, replacement weights are not easy to come by and cost a pretty penny!). After multiple sessions, lots of trial and error, we finally managed to get some carp on film and wanted to share it with you all.

Here are Parts 1 & 2 (yes, we have yet more footage to edit and more recorded every few sessions).

In part 1, we see a trout ninja the bait soon after the cast, moving it a good foot away from the pack and perhaps costing us a bite.


In part 2, we see a good example of poor hook link line lay, our bait being buried beneath the silt, a school of shad and yet more trout pecking away at the baits.


I'm working on part 3, where we watch the carp constantly sucking in, then sickeningly, spitting right back out, a pop-up ! 

(Yes, we did finally get a run on film, will be out in either part 3, or 4).

Hope you Enjoy ! 





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First off, great videos. I very much enjoy watching carp do there thing. I do have some questions for you, as I too own a waterwolf, and have had limited success using it. 


1) Where did you happen to find the "bottom kit"? I have been looking with no success.

2) How long of a hook link did you run? It seems that you have the length dialed in well.

3) How deep was the water you were fishing? I noticed that my waterwolf seems to need more light than I would have thought. 


Thanks in advance, as any information would be greatly appreciated. 

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- The bottom kit was acquired from overseas, it was not available for sale in the USA. Be mindful, getting replacement weights for it is not easy, we are having to duct-tape an inline lead to the unit now, having had our lead ejected on a particularly violent take!

- The best footage we got was with a 12" hook link, I would use a very supple braid, given what we have seen about terrible line lay, otherwise, keep your line pinned down with putty. The caveat being, this is likely not the best hook link type or length to actually hook the darn carp. We learned that the hard way !

- Depending on weather, sunlight, time of day and angle of sun in the sky, turbidity, we found that a depth of around 4 to 8 feet gave us a real good image color wise. A lot of the footage you can see, where the image has more of a orange hue, was filmed in between 9 to 12 feet of water. I am still trying to figure out a color correction mask, or masks, to apply to the footage to get better color and contrast.

Hope this helps!

Tight-Lines, John

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Very helpful. Thank you for all the wonderful tips. I am already envisioning a lead/camera contraption. If I end up with any decent footage I will make sure to share. Thanks John! 

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