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Still carping in Utah

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Had a short 4 fish session last Friday evening after a nice dinner date with my wife. Set up at a small urban fishery near the office with freelined sourdough bread crusts on the surface.

Doesn't take long to get into the action.

First up was unexpected - a nice Grassie.

Next 3 were all commons in the 8-13 # range. 

Had to use my headlamp and cell for photos so only a couple pics were taken.  Due to the heat and wanting to get the fish back in the water quickly, I did not weigh the grassie which would have been a PB at ~30# and 40 or so inches.

20160617_230155 (1).jpg


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Hi Folks

Not long moved to Sandy in Utah from the UK.

Spent many a weekend and week fishing for Carp as a younger man.

Now it is time to take it back up again. 

I'll be that strange guy with a strange accent fishing for on of the hardest fighting freshwater fish out there.

All the best and tight lines


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