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Mike Pike

Responding to a local newspaper carp story.

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  I read an article in a local paper recently about how carp returned to a park lake just off the downtown in Kitchener( click link below to read article ). 


I was inspired to write a letter to the paper, which they kindly published several days later, in response.  Here is what I wrote:

"After reading this recent article I was left a little uneasy about how these fish have been 'demonized,' then eliminated from the lakes.

The carp were removed from Victoria Park lake and humanely killed (define 'humanely') but have returned because carp are resilient and can live in many of our environmentally degraded areas.

Although the article said carp have been successfully removed from Cootes Paradise in Hamilton, I know this is not the case as I still catch and release them sport fishing. Attempts have been made to remove carp there by such methods as netting them and leaving them to rot in a gigantic pile on the shore.

Carp live in many diverse environments like the Grand River, Kawartha Lakes and our conservation areas, in harmony with other fish species and plants. Although carp were introduced to North America as a food fish many years ago, now that we wish to get rid of them, we label carp as 'invasive.' Interestingly, brown trout, rainbow trout and most salmon species in our great lakes and tributaries were also introduced and are not native species. Would we ever think of destroying them in the same manner? And if we did, what would the outcry be then?

Carp are not the villains. Our urban development is, and the solution is never as simple as killing the carp. So let's enjoy them in our little urban oasis for the handsome fish that they are."

Although writing this letter made me feel better, I was disappointed to have received 6 "thumbs down" from those who read my response.  I think the general public is still influenced by misconceptions about carp, fed mainly by various levels of Government who have the money and resources to control the message about how eradicating carp is the solution to all mankind's problems.

Carp will still be here long after those narrow-minded and uninformed people are gone, though, and these people never have known the joy of fishing for them.

Tight lines!  

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Am glad you write a response. Done let a few cyber thumbs down bother you. 

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Even though you got 6 thumbs down do not let that influence you for informing people. For all you know a 1000 people read it and started to think twice about carp compared to other non native fish.

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Dang.  I see now that the like doesn't work.  So to read the article, go to:  therecord.com   From there, you can use the sites search engine and use key word to fine the article( Victoria Par Lake, cart, etc ).  The article includes some really nice photos of the cruising carp.

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