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Mike Pike

Civic Holiday Carp

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The forecast called for rain this morning, but when I woke up, things looked pretty dry so I packed the gear into the car and headed down to the north shore of Hammy Harbour to see if anything was doing.  

I catapulted out a bunch of maize and cast my maize on a hair out among the offerings.  I also added a PVA bag of goodies onto my hook, this time.  I jammed the bag with a commercial bag mix, plus a little bit of whatever I'm using as a hook bait.  I have to believe that in big, open water situations like the harbour, a PVA bag will help the carp zero in on my hook bait, given the wide area of chum that the catapult distributes.

Anyhoo, I watched a few carp porpoising on the surface and could only hope they would also be drawn down to my bait in what I estimated was around 15 or 16 feet of water.  

Although things remained quite for most of the morning, at one point I noticed my rod tip shaking ever so slightly.  I wasn't sure if it was the moderate breeze that was responsible so I kept a vigil watch.  Sure enough, I saw the rod tip dipped again and, even though it didn't register a bleep on my bite alarm, I knew it was a fish.

Sure enough, the bite alarm screamed out a sustained beep, and I was in.

The fish gave a good account of itself and I was able to best what, I estimated, was a 10 or 12 pound carp.

Any fish is a good fish to me, and I would have been a happy chap with that one fish since it was approaching noon and 'Miller Time,"  But I re-baited, none the less, and and hoped for one more.

Once again, the rod tipped jumped and dipped every so often and I hoped it wouldn't be long for another.

Sure enough, I was jolted into action with a 'one noter' and I was in again.  This time, a gallery gathered around me and anyone who has fished the harbour knows this can be a pain or a pleasure, depending on your mood.  lol

After a nice tussle, I was able to bring a slightly larger 14lber to the mat and a nice fellow from the crowd gladly took a photo for me.  Than you Sir.

Civic Holiday Carp.jpg

( The laughter was inspired by commentary from the crowd, and a fun time was had with the group )

I did enjoy the chance to chat with several of the gathered and the conversation went something like this:

"What kind of fish is that?"

"It's a carp."

"Do you eat them?"

"No but you can."  ( laughter )

"Those are garbage fish, aren't they?"

"Hey, hey, hey, it's got a Mother, you know."  ( laughter )

Anyhoo, I do recall over-hearing how several folks were impressed with the carp mat I was using and the care that was taken unhooking the fish and getting it back into the water.  Although I was only briefly able to chat about how the RBG wanted to inhumanely rid the harbour of carp, I think when we take a moment to educate people about carp and how they exisit in many healthy ecosystems, public perseption my change, however slooooooowly....lol

Happy Holiday!


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Mike, great story and photo.  Education is the key.  I'm tickled at your response- Hey, it has a mother.  We carpers are very diligent in taking care of our catch.  Fin friendly nets, mats., etc. all add up to a positive image.  Thanks for sharing.

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